DiveBomb Chomp is a hunger game implemented in the style of classic games like Mario, Pac-man and the like. It brings casual yet addictive gameplay back to the forefront. Developed by Beau James Games, this Android app game is made for people of all ages and a variety of tastes. All said and done, this is one of those games that is easy to learn but hard to master.


Chomp is a cute savage little devil with an undying appetite. She emerges from a flying airship and descends through the troposphere. There is only one way to keep her appetite under control: feed her creatures smaller than her. As she feeds, her size increases and she grows larger with every creature she eats. She can only eat creatures smaller in size than her. All along, she is traveling to save her family members who were imprisoned by the evil Pandragon and his 3 panda cubs.


Along her path, there are power ups to boost gameplay. This includes a variety of interesting things such as a magnet that attracts smaller enemies, a golden buffet ticket that will transform all the scary looking baddies into yummy looking golden rump roasts, a parachute that will slow her downfall, and an ice cream sandwich that will freeze all enemies. The location and the number of enemies, obstacles and power ups are completely random and vary from one game to another.

The gameplay is easy to pick up owing to its simplicity. In order to steer Chomp, you can choose between tilt or touch controls. Once she crosses one end of the screen, she will emerge from the other. The controls are very responsive allowing you to make quick decisions to get perfect star ratings and high scores. New characters can be unlocked by playing through the game as well.


As chomp proceeds through the game, her health is shown in the form of hearts. Each time she loses a heart by eating a creature bigger than her, she will spin out of control. If she loses all three hearts, that means the end of the game. As she eats creatures, the sustenance meter continues to fill, resulting in her growing in size. If you stop eating, the meter will deplete as well. The sizes begin with size one and she can grow up by six standard sizes. When the sustenance meter is fully filled up after reaching max-size, she becomes Super Chomp and can eat anything in her way.

The app has a lovely user interface that is both cartoony and vibrantly colourful. With the help of a rich palette and vector graphics, the graphics of the game are sure to take your fancy. To add a retro touch, 8-bit blocky graphics have been used as well. Everything from the background to the objects follow a soothing color scheme. The vertical motion has been simulated wisely using parallax created by foreground and middle ground assets. Each level has unique backgrounds and visual effects. This is complemented with modern yet cartoony music that adds a touch of life to the rest of the game. This is one game that is sure to go down in the ranks of the classics of gaming.

Good: Superb graphics, simple gameplay

Bad: None

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