Automation and cloud technology are changing the way companies do business and an expense tracker app should be a part of your essential tools if your employees are frequently travelling for business purposes. The money tracker apps can be your expense manager, receipt scanner, personal finance tracker and able to do much more. Besides managing your personal finances or your small business expenses, these spending trackers also helps you earn cash back to stretch your dollar further. These spending tracker apps track your spending, organize your purchases, scan the receipts and submit expense reports through the app in real time. Tracking spending can be done manually by writing down every purchase you make. Or you can use apps such as Mint that you link to your credit cards and bank accounts to make the process easier. Whatever approach you choose, it may seem like a hassle — but it’s well worth it in the end.

Developed by:

Llama Money was designed and developed by Elijah Patric.

How the app works:

Download and launch ‘Llama Money’ app on your smartphone or other compatible devices. The app is simple to use. The user has to create bills as they occur and the same with their paycheck on Llama Money. Now they have to leave everything to the app which will give the user all the bills they have paid for a month and those which they have paid. There are regular monthly bills like rent, milk and cable while occasional bills like cosmetics, home decor, etc. All these will be regularly shown by the Llama Money app.

Features of the app:

Llama Money’ has many attractive features.

  • Customize bill updates
  • Create fixed or varying bills
  • Dark mode to look good on your phone
  • Delete or mark a bill as paid

Compatible with: