Many parents are working today and have to travel a lot from time to time. But who says you cannot spend time with your children just because you are away from your home? One of the things that children really love is bedtime stories. But if you are not at home and your child wishes for you to read to them, this can be quite some heartbreak for your child. No more now. With the Read to me iOS app, you can read to your child and make them read along with you even while you are away from home.


Read to me was created for those parents who are very attached to their kids but have to travel often. All you have to do is to spin your own story and record it, along with colorful illustrations and images. You could even have your child do the illustrations for their stories. You can record their favorite most enjoyed books or even record your own stories. The basic idea is that when you are not at home, and your child wishes to be read to, they have you just a single click away.


Reading to your child and with him is thoroughly enjoyed by your children. It not only makes their imagination fly but also can be informative and fun for them. When they are reading with their parents at home, nothing else can give them the same confidence and security. So,  if you miss out on a cozy night with your child, then don’t let your child miss you. This can happen often if you are in the army or international sales. Why make your child suffer and miss you then? Catch up on those missed nights and days with your child.


Also, Read to me allows for paired reading. This is a common activity done by children in school but the child enjoys it most when done with their parents. Because a parent holds a special place in a child’s life and no one can take that place. This technique builds a stronger bond between parent and child and makes learning a fun process for the child, making the child build his confidence through this process.


To give you an example of what you can do with this app, it comes with one personal story created by the developer called Croaky and Snappy. You can add your own touch of creativity and story-telling skills to make your own personal story that your kids can follow and enjoy. You can make fun and enjoyable illustrations for which you can tap on the endless resource of your child’s imagination. Make them draw colorful informative pictures for your story. Adding photos and recording is extremely simple and easy so that you can create a storybook with your voice and story and your child’s imagination reflected in the illustrations. The app interface is very bright and colorful to get your imagination soaring. This app is great for parents and kids to connect at times when they are not together.

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