Create a Car is a fun activity for elementary age children. The interactive activity permits children to create automobiles from their imagination. It also encourages children to think creatively and exercise fine motor skills while assisting to develop an understanding of the natural user interface.

Important Features of Create a Car

  • Sixty five different vehicle parts
  • Thirty different types of vehicles
  • Create custom vehicle descriptions
  • Save vehicles and descriptions
  • Edit vehicles
  • Fun animations and sound effects
  • Five player profiles

In between my sessions of this game, it is a good alternative and definitely worth a look at if users are into ardent games lovers. I have spent too much time with Create a Car game, but so far in my trail testing, the game is wholly entertaining experience. Anyone who adores special game plan style then Create a Car will surely satisfy all users.

How to Create a Car

  • You can see parts by swiping left or right on the parts bin
  • Choose a part by dragging it straight up from the parts bin to the work area
  • You can move a part around the work area by touching and dragging it
  • Choose a part in the work area by tapping it
  • Deselect a part by tapping on the white background or by tapping another part
  • Delete a part by dragging it to the parts bin
  • Move the vehicle by touching and dragging the vehicle body in the work area
  • Tap a part 3 times quickly to place it behind the vehicle


Create a Car game is strongly proving to be a massive fun time killer that I am actually returning to in my leisure time, and it’s one I suggest checking out if you wish to unwind but have a hard challenge at the same time.