Many sports fans all over the globe have an urge for live sports scores and they make use of many apps to get updated information. These apps give a fast and easy access to whatever sport they like to know about. If you are some developer who is looking to build a sports application, then you need to develop a lot of things from the start. However, nowadays many API are available to make your development work easier. One such API that I came across recently is the ‘Odds API’.

Yes, this API fetches you all the sports data that you might require from the UK, US and Aussie bookmakers. This API gives you updates on 15+ more sports from over 30 bookmakers with more than 10 different bet types. The API delivers you the results in an easily readable JSON format. Codes that fit your browser, PHP, Node.js, CURL and Python programming can also be generated. The possibilities with the Odds API are many and any developer would want to make use of its advantages to the fullest. Odds API gives you instant updates of the scores of different sports happenings in different countries with real-time metrics.

There are many plans available for users with range from small, medium and large accounting to a price of 9.99, 44.99 and 84.99 respectively. The plans come with access to the number of requests per month, HTTPS encryption, the markets, bookmakers and various sports. All the plans are billed on a monthly basis and there is also a free plan available for someone who wants to try out this API with limited parameters and results. However, if you have more usage of the API, you can also opt for the annual subscription plan with 20% discount.

When you have any questions regarding the technical details or other offer requests or general doubts, you can drop the team a message on their contact page. They will revert back to you as soon as possible. The size of your project doesn’t matter as the team will get the right plan to fit your needs. The most notable feature of Odds API is that, they only charge you for successful responses and the invalid ones are not taken into account.

It can be any sport like the American Football, Rugby Union, Cricket, Volley ball, etcetera played in different places like Japan, Australia, United States, Germany and other different countries, this API brings all the results to you in no time with much efficiency. Odds API offers the best performance, support and functionality. It would be a perfect choice for any developer to communicate and connect with their software.

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