Coursera is a database of online courses professionally founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. This popular app has 4,000 courses to exclusively offer along with certifications. The Coursera certificates are extensively offered through affiliation with several universities and organizations.

More importantly the Princeton, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania were the first universities that specially affiliated with the Coursera platform. The app comprises real experts for the subjects that you choose to study. The Coursera cost comprises help from these acumen experts and tests as well. In addition these tests are awarded marks to give you an insight into your preparation for the subject. The uses also get customized preparation advice according to your performance.

The Coursera courses are effectively equipped with certificates from partner universities. These reputed certificates are also considered valid for many fields of a career in the real market. In addition, the certification is also considered valid for the course that you actually attempt from the Coursera app.

Moreover not only certifications, you can also attempt Coursera online courses to gain a degree. These courses are professionally designed just like university courses and are absolutely considered valid in the global market. The only difference is that you study everything online instead of physical attending the class. Also there are many Coursera online courses available from the Business or IT industry for you to primarily pursue.

In case if you are a working professional and like to get promoted in your career, you can also select specific skills. These reputed skill courses are designed to advance your career with the assistance of practical studies. The users can also gain certifications for the skills you earn by giving a test after completing the course.

More specifically Coursera learning is not limited to the internet. The users can save your preferred learning content offline and use it effectively anytime. So if it is videos, texts, or documents, Coursera has extensive collection of offline learning content that you can actually download at once.

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