In the world today, going out to a restaurant to eat has turned into a monotonous task. Relatively few people hate the process of bumbling with the menu or get a terrible service from the server. Further, during the weekends and holidays getting a table at a café turns into an impossible task to accomplish. With technological innovation and the extravagance it offers even to the regular man, many new business visionaries have concocted the project of structuring food delivery and food finder applications that make finding food a simple process. With the touch of a few buttons, you find a good and decent dinner from your preferred eatery and void of the issues you find at an eatery. Food finder applications have a developing interest inferable from their offers, adaptability and modernity.

As of late the market has seen a far and away superior inventive plan to discover food availability. Community compass is a quickly developing food finder application. It lets individuals to discover food assets like free food, free groceries and free meals. It shows all the places where you get food and food resources for free.

How the application functions:

Download and introduce the ‘Community compass’ application on your mobile phone or other similar devices. Now open the application in your gadget and permit GPS tracking. Network compass gives you all the locations where you can discover free food and meals for free around your locality. It additionally helps in discovering Women, Infants and Children clinics (WIC) in Marion County in Indiana.

Highlights of the application:

Community compass has a great deal of cool highlights. A portion of these highlights are recorded here.

•   The application is simple and easy to use for everyone.

•   Helps in discovering free food, free meals and free food supplies around your area effortlessly.

•   The application is extremely valuable for the needy

Compatible with:

The app is available on both Android and iOS devices.