Create Speech-Special Educator is an iOS app that has been designed by a variety of experts including general educators, speech pathologists, and special educators. The product is an app that can help you keep track of your student or client in real time in order to monitor his progress.


Speech therapy is a vast science. Some methods might work for certain people while others might not. It is essential for the teacher to keep a check on the student to assess if the current emethod is working. If not, an alternate method needs to be applied. The problem that comes into play is the assessment itself. It is easier said than done. Tracking a student in real time was not possible until Create Speech-Special Educator was created.


It has been said that the key to a successful career of training is planning it all out. Every possible case and scenario must be looked into and examined closely. The first and foremost step in the whole process is to set long term goals and work towards these. In addition, short term goals must be set for each session and closely followed upon. This is where this app helps you out.


The most important aspect of Create Speech is that it ensures that both the teacher and the student are on the same page, while keeping track of progress. It improves the success rate of the therapy in school and also overflows into the daily activities of the student. The progress can be assessed by a group of experts at any point in time. All data is organised well and presented to them. The data us presented in the form of student files with high quality graphics and high accuracy.

As the student is being tracked in real time and data is being collected about him, security is a prime concern for him. It is important that no one besides those intended should be able to view the data or misuse it. Only those authorised must have access. To enforce this, the app developers have created a password and login. This way, access to your data is restricted to only authorised personnel.

There are a number of features in this app that set it apart. If you are stuck at any point and need help with deciding session goals, this app brings you a list of them to help you out. In addition, students can be allowed different percentages and levels of prompting to make sure that they are comfortable. Everything regarding your speech therapy is made available to you in the comfort of your hands. You can get access to it at any time and just anywhere through your iOS device. This way, you stay in touch at all times.

Create Speech-Special Educator requires an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone with iOS 8.0 or higher versions. It is available for free download in the App Store. This app is for special educators who wish to make speech therapy informal and fun for their students, while also making the most of it.

Good: Allows differentiation and real time tracking

Bad: None

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