Everybody loves to decorate the home screen of his phone with a beautiful picture. Sometimes it’s your girlfriend or something you love like a Lamborghini or a picture from your favourite tourist place. We always say that we want a lively picture, something that can talk to us. That’s why nowadays live wallpapers are the top choices of all users. Moving pictures which can interact with you are always preferred. But beauty and glamour cannot be compromised on any condition. So what we want is a combination of both beauty and liveliness and what’s better than the nature itself. If we can paint this nature in its perfect way on the canvas and make it move, I think it’s just what we want. If that’s what you think as well, then let’s find out the right place for it.


I am talking about the Android app called Overland HD Live Wallpaper that has been developed by ARC-Center. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

All the wallpapers of this app have been shot from outside the earth i.e. from space and that’s why the title says “Overland”. The images have been taken from the Maps but they are not regular images but include the best sites in the world such as Everest, Abu Dhabi Coast, Sochi 2014 Game Village, Thetford Forest, etc which offer variety of lush greenery as well as pearl white snow in their areas. So when you’re on the top of these destinations, you see what you’ve never seen. All of us have seen sunrise on our computer screens and the highest tower of the world, but no one has seen the world from the top of it. It’s something remarkable, exciting and over the top.

Though these wallpapers are images from the maps and therefore can’t be compared to what you’ll see when you’re there, but that’s something you can’t even ask for from an app, right! Apart from these images, there are special cloudy effects as well as aeroplanes flying leaving behind their tail marks in the sky. You can change the number of these clouds and aeroplanes and even reduce them to zero if you just want a pure natural view. There is a special elevation effect as well which takes the whole experience to a new level.


These wallpapers are accessible directly from your home screen by selecting live wallpapers. When you open this app, there are many different wallpapers with a thumbnail view and if you like them, just tap on them and they’ll be downloaded. The complete image won’t be captured in just one window and therefore as you slide your home screen, you can unfold the complete picture.

Overall, I found this app worth a try and it certainly makes a mark in the middle of all these wallpaper applications. The app is available for free to download but has some in-app purchases. So go on and download this one now!

Pros: all images clicked from outside the earth; famous destinations such as Everest, Abu Dhabi, etc; special effects of clouds, elevation and aeroplanes; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App –  Download the App