Moiety’s has a very user-friendly interface. The home page only has four options which allows users to select their objectives, whether it may be to create an event, check an alert, view a schedule, or add a fellow Moiety member. It also has a sidebar that has options for customizing the profile, placing feedback, searching help, and viewing the policies. As for its design, I personally enjoy the color choice of blue and white. This clean look is aesthetically pleasing, especially for an organizational tool. The rotating animation for the options is enjoyable as well.

Let me talk about my first impression of the app. It requires a user to create an account. I wasn’t keen on making an account at first, but I saw how useful this feature was since it is what allows my colleagues to add me. Together, we can be part of “Crews” who share calendar events and schedules.


Now, getting into specifics; the features are simple yet handy. As I have mentioned before, my colleagues and I can collaborate through Moiety by creating “Crews”. The app allows me to find others users through my contacts. We can customize a nickname for the group and even set up a time zone, which I haven’t really utilized since my contacts live nearby. Thus, the time zone setting may not be useful to everyone. Nonetheless, this is a small part that can be easily overlooked.

The app allows me to easily create an event by either choosing that option in the homepage or turning on the side bar and selecting it. Within this feature, I can pick people I would like to involve in the task and set up a location for it. There are three pre-made tasks on the app namely “PickUp”, “Drop off”, and “Kid Sit” which I think are very useful for many groups, especially for families and neighbors. But if I happen to not need them, I cannot delete these pre-made choices. However, it lets me create customized tasks and even assign a picture for it.


Furthermore, there app lets me check schedules very quickly. Since the calendar is displayed by month, I can easily have an overview of upcoming events for the next four weeks, at most. Browsing from month to month is as simple as clicking the top right or left arrows. It lets me view different Crew calendars individually or altogether. This way, I can distinguish one event from another and not be confused which task is for what group. In addition, I can sync an existing calendar in my phone with the app.

The Alert feature is necessary, and that’s why I’m glad it is included in the app. It wouldn’t be complete without this. What separates it from usual alarm sequences is that it is actually a notification display rather than a usual reminder that fades after a few minutes. I can effortlessly open Alerts to check on notifications that happened within the hour.

Overall, Moiety is a great group organizational tool. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy to understand how to use it. The interface is very self-explanatory. A few unnecessary elements like the time zone and the pre-made tasks doesn’t interfere with the work flow. Utilizing its features is as easy as selecting any favored options and sharing it with other Moiety users.

Worth Having App – Download the App