The short answer to this is no you don’t. Most online casinos have a mobile browser site in the modern world. This means that access to the site is extremely easy and doesn’t require any additional downloads to get access to it. However, there are some aspects that do need to be covered so that you can be fully aware of how casino apps are sometimes still relevant and why some aren’t relevant.

Download Only Casinos

In the early years of online casinos they were all what is known as a download only Webmoney casinos. This meant that in order to use online casinos, which were desktop only at the time, you would need to carry out a download in order to gain access. This would then let the player use the site without having to worry about internet speeds or website limitations.

This initially spread into mobile versions of online casinos. Because early mobile browsers weren’t very powerful, it meant that players didn’t have access to much on them. The only way to gain access to mobile online casinos was through an app. Depending on the model of phone you had this wouldn’t always be available or sometimes you might not have the space available to carry out the download.

Moving away from Downloads

As the quality of internet browsers and access to high speed internet increased, it meant that desktop versions of online casinos didn’t offer download versions as often. Part of the reason behind this was also the move to HTML5 in the developments of online casino games. This offered a more streamlined version of games, which were a lot less cumbersome.

While there are still some online casinos out there that have download only versions, the vast majority of online casinos in the modern world allow players to use the site without a download.

This is also true for mobile casinos. More and more online casinos now offer sites through the mobile browser. While there are still apps available, the ability to use mobile browser sites has cut down on the need for players to make downloads.

Do Players still use Apps?

To put it simply, yes. There are still players out there who use apps. However, as we have mentioned there is no longer really a need to do so. If you are really desperate to get the marginal performance increases that an app offers you then it is still available for you. But generally speaking, there is nothing that an app can offer that a mobile browser site or desktop site can’t offer to you.

I’m New to Online Gambling, what should I do?

This all depends on your own needs. As we’ve already mentioned players don’t need to use an app to use an online casino anymore. However, you may decide that using an app is the best choice for you. One of the reasons for this could be that an app might have a larger game choice available than the mobile browser site does.

While the use of HTML5 to develop games these days has massively increased the compatibility of games available on mobile browser sites, some apps do still offer slightly more choice. The reasoning behind this is that the mobile app is developed specifically for the mobile casino site specifically. So there are sometimes games that will be available on the app but not on the mobile browser site.

If a specific game is on the app but not the browser site then this might be a reason for you to choose downloading the app. However, if it’s a game that doesn’t really matter to you, then you might prefer to play on the mobile browser version of the site. This gives you the chance to easily get whichever version of the site that is best for your needs.

You shouldn’t worry about future games being released to the app either. Firstly, most games are created in HTML5 these days. So this means that most new releases will be available on the mobile browser version of the site as well as the app. It’s generally only older games that can only be used on the app. You should also remember that if there is a specific game that comes to your online casino that’s available on the app only then you can always download the app at a later date. Just because you’ve started to play on the mobile browser version of the site doesn’t mean you have to do that forever.

So what should I Choose?

That’s completely up to you. Whichever is more appropriate for your needs is what you should choose. You should also take into consideration your mobile device. If you’re running low on space, then the mobile browser version of the site could be the best choice for you.