Among many iphone applications this is considered to be the potent and entertaining application for the users. It is found amazing and fun loving app for the global users. There are several other applications which you can come across in this global market but this persuasive nature will attract many global consumers.

In this iphone application one must text the random word that is displayed before your opponent does. This discreet game has several salient features they are namely Wanted mode to capture the 12 texting villains, apt Customize mode to make your character just the way you want to ,it is possible to earn up to 1000 points for Game Center achievements, potent shootout mode offers you view how many baddies you can take down, cogent online Leader board which provides you check with friends or everyone and mlti-player which offers you duel anyone around the world, including discreet friend matches.

In deed you can play the game everyone has been talking about this reputed app. The great education game of this kind ameliorates you and your family’s vocabulary. There are over at least 10,000 Kid friendly words to have a look over with. With this fun filled game will teach you how to become a faster texter in professional manner. Among several other apps this will be the fastest texter in the world. They have potent online leader board which exhibits your rank. Eventually this potent iphone application serves good for the global service providers.


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WWT is a fun game where you have several modes of play and several ways to blast away fruits and veggies. The game offers plenty including character customization, achievements and multiplayer. I was surprised how long I went playing and felt the makers did a great job. I’d recommend this as a fun buy to pass some time on. – By Metasparks (Buyer on itunes)

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