There are millions of apps available on Play Store for App and Screen locking. But, most of them are not good in one or the other way, such as they hang while installing, display ads in-between using the app; stops while running, they’re not safe and secure as well. Also, they have few essential features which are not relevant to the Screen lock or the App lock system. But, your wait is over now! This time I have brought an app for you, and it will replace your old stock Screen Lock app. The features are unique and I can assure that you have never seen such features on any other Android Smartphone. I am telling about none other than the app called ‘PIN Genie- Locker’.

The PIN Genie Locker app has been developed by PIN Genie, Inc. The app is compatible with all the Android Smartphones running the latest version of the Operating System. It’s an amazing app with multiple locking options, you’ll be more excited to use it on all your Smartphones. So let me show, what the app can do.

PIN Genie Locker is an all-in-one app that keeps your personal data safe and secure from intruders. It’s the most secured lock screen and app lock on Google Play. You can lock as many apps as you want and lock your screen also. With its multiple locking options you can choose a PIN Genie pad, traditional PIN pad, and pattern PIN pads or fingerprint on Samsung Smart Phones. The patented Pin pad is the ultimate in privacy and will keep anyone from seeing your PIN, even if they watch you input it! You can challenge your friends to see if they can crack your code. With this lock, nobody can check your photos, messages, apps or any personal data.

If anyone tries to unlock the phone, then after 3 incorrect PIN entries, the intruder selfie function immediately snaps a photo and alerts you when you Login next time. The phone will be disabled for 30 seconds after this and the intruders selfie will be sent to you on your registered email-id. It makes your Lockscreen more personal than ever.

There are a number of free HD wallpapers provided in the PIN Genie Locker and amazing themes that makes your phone’s screen look different. They are added on a regular basis. This is the latest version on the Google Play and there are many features in this latest version. Some of them are:

  1. It added 48-hour weather forecast and 7-day weather outlook. You can swipe left to check on the Lockscreen.
  2. It gives you daily weather notification to help you better prepare for the day.
  3. It has more quicker unlock time so that users can unlock apps within 0.02 seconds.
  4. It has a special method to unlock your apps which you can see while using it.
  5. There is a privacy protection in the notifications displayed.

So feel safe to pass your phone to friends and family without worrying about certain apps being accessed.

It’s totally free. Download it now and stay away from wandering eyes around you!

Pros: magical screen lock and applock; efficient; secures your phone from intruders; patented PIN pad; provides accurate weather report; snaps intruders selfie; alerts you about snooping; safe & secure; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download for IOS Download for Android