Love is in the air. Couples are everywhere. We are all on the lookout for the perfect person to spend this Valentine’s Day with. You must be looking in every direction for the perfect date for this magical day to celebrate your love. However, dates do not sell like pancakes. Finding the right one is quite a big task by itself. If you wish to have the power of Cupid in your backpack, you must try out the iOS app Yentle.


Yentle, an iOS app, is here to help you find your Prince charming or your Princess for this Valentine’s Day. All it does is help you pick the perfect date for this special occasion. It will tell you whether the person you have a huge crush upon likes you too or not. It is not yet another match making app where you have to scroll through hundreds of profiles and make a tough choice. This one relies on your intuition and uses your crushes as the basis for the entire process. No more scrolling and swiping through a huge collection of users.


Using Yentle, you can check out if your crush has a crush on you as well. The way it works is pretty simple and unique needed. You first generate a unique code for yourself. This can be done using the website for free or for a fee through the app. Once you have this code, you can write it onto a Note or a Valentine’s Card and make sure you get it safely into the hands of your crush. No need to go through the trouble of displaying your profile and other personal details publicly anymore.


This is where the real fun begins. The person you have shared this code with then inputs it into the app or on the website. They can then choose to accept or reject your proposal. It is much more personal and anonymous than match making apps. At the same time, it is an adorable way to express your feelings for another person. You can propose your love to your crush secretly and see where it goes from there. At least you have the assurance of having let out what was on your mind.

Yentle is an app that adopts a whole new approach to dating. It is unconventional and unique. This app is for those who do not believe in match making apps or in displaying their personal profiles publicly. This app is for those who have had a secret crush for a good while now and are unable to get themselves to propose. All you need to use the app is an email or a phone number. Once these have been verified, the app will use them to get in touch with you. The app protects all your privacy and personal information until a match has been found.

The Yentle app can be downloaded from the App store for free. It requires iOS 8.0 or later versions and is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you are looking for some magic this Valentine’s, Yentle will be your Cupid.

Good: Secret and private

Bad: None

Worth Having App –Download the App