Do you wonder at times why self conscious people are always concerned about their day to day workouts and daily diet? Well, underestimating the importance of keeping fit and abandoning your healthy eating habits can ruin your health. Being physically fit entails attaining good healthy physical state which is particularly associated with exercise and good nutrition. I phone makers have introduced the Updown fitness application which guarantees you personal training through more than 1500 exercises which include stretching, core and cross exercises as well as cardio and strength based exercises. The application also allows you to schedule and personalize your workouts from your iphone or ipad at any convenient place that best suits you. This application is worth a try and the features that come with the updown Fitness will definitely blow you away.



  1. Offers a platform for different exercise

With over 1500 exercises available at the palm of your hand, makes the updown one of the best apps that can guarantee you great fitness.

  1. It’s convenient

You don’t have to be in a particular location nor do you have to limit or set specific timing as to when to do your exercises, the application simplifies all that. You can always start the application from your own convenient place. Be it in your room when you are in your pants. It doesn’t matter. You are able to perform your workouts at ease and at your own pace.


  1. Availability of Audio and visual timers

The updown app has been enhanced with timers which provide guidelines on ways through which you are able to perform your workout exercises. If you want a 30 minute workout, all you have to do is set the time and the application timers will alert you when the time is out.

  1. It’s a SMART application

This is a feature that makes it unique from other fitness applications. The updown is able to recommend the best weight for you to lift and also tell you how many reps you need to perform during your routine. You don’t have to strain figuring out how to do your workout; the application figures that out for you.

  1. Updown location feature

The locations feature enables you to create your own workout plan depending with the equipment that is convenient for you. You can always choose to do your exercise from your back yard through utilizing the weight of your body. On the other hand with updown you are able to build a workout which utilizes all your local gym equipment.


  1. Offers personal training

It’s not like in the gym where you need to have a personal trainer. The smart application is able to offer you with assistance any kind of exercise that you need to indulge in. It acts as a personal trainer through guidance and also motivation through earning of points and advancement to different levels.


  1. It’s a simple application that is easy to use

It’s not a complicated application that can give you a head ache when it comes to using it. Updown gives simple and clear instructions that are easy to understand. So be it you are a beginner or a professional athlete the application will serve you best with ease.

  1. The application offers a variety of workouts

With Updown it’s hard for you to get bored. It offers you with 1500 plus workout exercises from which you can work on. So it all depends with you.

  1. Doesn’t occupy too much space on your device

All you need is 12.1 Mb and your fitness application is ready for use without any technical hitches.


  1. During the first times of using the updown fitness application, it may look complicated but with time you are able to understand how it works.

On your journey to fitness remember that the main objective is to improve your endurance, gain muscular strength and attain flexibility through continuous physical exercise while maintaining good health. With the updown fitness application you are sure of better health now, and in the future to come. What are you waiting for? Download the updown fitness application and start working on that perfect body you have always wanted.

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