The Venice city was founded way back in 1905 by tobacco tycoon Abbot Kinney. Since then, the city has been serving as one of the world’s leading tourist attraction for over 100 years now. In Venice, tourists have a chance to enjoy a vibrant street- life, amazing sunsets and a very enjoyable shopping experience.

The city can be very confusing sometimes because of its wide offerings. The Boardwalk App allows visitors and residents to Venice to explore the cultural melting pot right from their phones. With this app, you can find your way around the city and enjoy its electric neighbourhood without the fear of getting lost.


Boardwalk is an iOS app that lets users explore Venice in a clarity that is unrivalled by any other map or finder apps. With is its unique design, navigating your way around Venice has been made easier. You just need to use your fingers to explore the city. With a single swipe on your devices screen, you can navigate from a bar, restaurant or street to another. The Boardwalk app will ensure you experience the famous Venice Beach from anywhere in the world and plan your adventure perfectly.

Features of the app.

1. Explore the Venice Beach.

The Boardwalk iOs app lets you explore the famous Venice beach from any location in the world. Just let your fingers do the walking as you explore the beach. Swipe down on the app and walk to the Venice Ale House, tap down the Oceanfront walk and visit one of bike rentals in the city or the unlimited number of bars and restaurants.

2. Creating custom maps.

Using the Venice Boardwalk, you can easily create your custom maps. As you swipe through everything that Venice offers, you can also add locations to your map to help you plan your trip or for future reference.

3. Find coupons.

Being a visitor does not mean that you don’t get to enjoy discounted shopping and fun with coupons. The app lets you find amazing deals and coupons to the local favourites without even being there. All you need to do is to browse through different shopping malls on the boardwalk and get coupons to use when you finally visit the store.

Locals can also use the apps ‘ find coupon’ feature to save a lot of money by finding coupons to use prior to their shopping trips.

4. Find Bike rentals, bars and restaurants.

Using the app, you can find restaurant, accommodation, car rentals and everything you want without leaving your room or making even a single phone call.

The Boardwalk iOs app lets you explore everything about the Venice beach without being there. Packed with a lovely design and amazing features, the app will let you plan a perfect trip to Venice without leaving your couch. Get the easy to use iOS and create your custom maps, shop without leaving your room and hunt for deals right from your device.

With this free app, you have everything relevant to the Venice Beach on your iOS device.

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