Getting an entertaining and high quality music video content from YouTube can be quite satisfying. This will not only give one a perfect clear view but also make the total experience absolutely fascinating! However, this cannot be achieved if one does not possess an effective platform to deliver such high quality video music content. Interestingly, with the presence of Airy, an amazing YouTube downloader for Mac, the user can proceed to download and save different YouTube videos into the computer with much ease. Besides, such videos can later be accessed without the need of internet connection once an individual has installed Airy.

The Operation of YouTube downloader for Mac

The user will discover that this Airy YouTube downloader for Mac is pretty simple to set up once the platform can perfectly support it. Besides, this webapp fully supports the El Capitan to ensure that the quality of the video remains exceptional. Apparently, the user can easily download multiple videos simultaneously with Airy Mac YouTube downloader. On the other hand, there are different video formats which contain different resolution in which the user can choose from. This ensures that the user can ultimately get the best quality needed. Additionally, with this best YouTube downloader for Mac, the user will be able to access the entire channels and playlist found in YouTube with absolute ease!

Compatibility of Airy YouTube downloader for Mac

When it comes to functionality of this webapp, the user will be required to possess OS X 10.7 or any latest version in order to boost the entire performance. Besides, this version 3.0.52 which was last updated on 3rd August, 2016 is compatible on mobile devices, tablets and windows. However, such devices should possess great capabilities to deliver the expected performance.

Here are the amazing features that one will come across in the Airy YouTube downloader for Mac:

Selecting the preferred choice of quality

The user will note that this incredible YouTube downloader for Mac comes with different options with regard to the quality of the videos. Thus, one can select the best choice in which the video can be stored in the device. In most cases, this may depend on the player where the video is to be watched from or the type of device used to download the video; for instance the resolution of video in a computer or a mobile device may vary depending on screen size.

Easily get the MP3 YouTube download

Sometimes, one might prefer to get the MP3 download from the YouTube rather than the video. With Airy YouTube MP3 downloader for Mac, this can be comfortably made possible! Apparently, this process is achieved through extraction of sounds on videos found in YouTube. This app proceeds to get the matching titles of songs and albums. The user can then access such audio in different format in a flicker of a second. Actually, it is all about copying and pasting the link, choosing the audio format and �Download’ the audio!

Security for videos through passwords and logins

In order to ensure that the video content that is age-restricted is protected from the unintended party, Airy YouTube downloader for Mac has incorporated the password and login feature. Actually, the user will be required to setup the login and the password in the YouTube account and then proceed to save them for future reference. This ensures that the video content viewed by the user will remain protected as one get access to unlimited video content.

Perfect integration with the browser

One interesting thing about the Airy YouTube downloader for Mac is its ability to perfectly integrate well with different web browsers. This allows it to facilitate different video downloads from YouTube through the web. Some of the browsers that work well with Airy include Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. However, the user will first need to click on “Integrate into Browser” and proceed to fully setup the browser with the downloader. The next step will be to save the video by clicking on the Airy bookmark.

Download different YouTube channels and playlists

The ability of Airy YouTube downloader for Mac to support easy download of different channels and playlists from the YouTube makes it incredibly reliable. This clearly implies that the user can just follow simple steps and get the full playlist. Actually, it involves copying and pasting the link from YouTube, getting the preferred format (which can vary in different playlists) and then proceed to download the playlist!

One will discover that there are Pros and Cons associated with Airy YouTube downloader for Mac. They include the following:


· It is absolutely intuitive and user-friendly

· Ability to choose different resolutions makes it flexible

· The entire setup process is easy and responsive

· Stable and effective in performance

· Offers high quality view option


· Slowdown in performance when not updated

· Prone to crashing due to large space occupied

Final Verdict

Airy YouTube downloader for Mac has come out as an efficient webapp that offers an amazing experience to the user. It has adopted high quality features such as preferred video quality choices, perfect integration with browsers, protection of videos and even ability to share videos anytime, anywhere. This absolutely makes it a webapp worth downloading in order to get an unstoppable entertaining moment. Get the free version today or buy the upgraded version of Airy for Mac at only $19.99 and get started today!

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