Flash combines the best of picture messaging and phone calls, providing users with a refreshing way to communicate. You can take a picture of yourself or an existing one on your phone, customize it with a huge variety of different choices and have it appear on your friend’s phone whenever you call them! It’s available to download now on iOS and Google Play.

It’s a great app to let friends know why you’re calling (we all have those friends who don’t answer the phone even though it’s in their hand and text you saying “what’s up?”). Whether you just want to hang out, you need help choosing an outfit or you’re reminiscing about a hilarious old photo, Flash helps add a little flavor to traditionally dull phone calls.

You can customize your pictures with stickers, emojis, filters and text. Ask questions, tell jokes or just send something funny to a friend for no reason! You can keep the conversation going with the instant messenger app where you can quickly share pictures and start a group chat.

For couples or those who like to share personal photos intended for a specific person, Flash gives you a handy “Hidden Flash” feature which password protects pictures and has them self-destruct after a period of time. Privacy protected!

So whether you’re calling your lover, your family or your friends, Flash puts a fun, exciting twist on phone calls that’s sure to improve the way we all communicate. Download now on iOS or Google Play!