Selecting the right app to spy on android phones can be quite a roller coaster ride. For one; none of these apps are ever free; even if they claim to be free they will end up asking for money and everything. Next, most of these apps require at the very least a month’s subscription and if you buy one that does not suit your needs or does not work as expected then you would pretty much be stuck with it. Not all spy apps are that good, and although they may offer a host of features some may not perform that well.

Introducing mSpy

But then again, there are some exceptional apps from within the huge selection and one of them is mSpy and which’s perfect for Android devices. It works on all Androids and it does not require any specific hardware it’s pretty lightweight and does not require a lot of system resources to run. That said, it won’t slow down the device at all, and even older devices won’t be troubled with running it.

Features other options

mSpy is pretty much advanced when it comes to monitoring features, it has a lot of options to help with monitoring and the features are never-ending. They keep on adding new features with iterations in order to keep up with the demands of smartphone monitoring.

But enough with the talk, let’s get down to the list of features it has:

  • 1. SMS Messages
  • 2. Call Logs
  • 3. Recorded Surroundings
  • 4. Call Recordings
  • 5. Gmail
  • 6. Email
  • 7. Contacts
  • 8. Appointments
  • 9. Photos
  • 10. Videos
  • 11. Music
  • 13. Browsing History
  • 14. Geo Tracking
  • 15. Geo Location
  • 16. Installed App Logs
  • 17. WhatsApp Chat Logs

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Monitoring the Smart way

Things, however, do not stop just there, in order to help users with monitoring it allows you to set Triggers & Alerts, this way you can set keywords and contacts to if they are ever mentioned or sent a message or email to you will instantly get alerted. This makes it convenient for the employer as they won’t need to go through all the phone data and concentrate on the things that seem suspicious.

Moreover, mSpy also has the ability to remotely control the device giving you the option to lock the device, create a backup, and even delete the entire contents of the device.

Start monitoring before it’s too late

If you think these features will work out for you then go ahead and check out their various subscription options as they have something that would suit everyone. They even have special employee packages if you intend to purchase mSpy for a large number of people, so take a look and start monitoring.