Sense Bringing A New Dimension To Banking Apps

The demand for banking apps has increased in recent times. While compared to the data received in 2013, the usage of mobile banking has increased by 33%. Millions of people around the world use smartphones that are capable of app download and 39% of the people among the people who also have a bank account use at least one mobile app for banking. Fund transfer, beneficiary registration, credit card payment and account management are the primary roles of the banking apps but managing everything at one place becomes difficult at times.

Sense is a new banking app which customizes the experience of banking for every user. The app changes its interface every 30 minutes depending on the usage statistics. For example, if you are one who uses the mobile app more for money transfer, then that option will be the easiest to navigate from the home screen. If your way of using the features change, the app will redesign itself accordingly.

Sense is developed by Alfa Bank and it uses the intuitive machine design. Paying monthly bill, transferring money to friend’s account and more can be done through Sense. In short, the whole financial portfolio of the user can be managed through Sense. It is truly an app that worth its name.

Alpha being the largest European bank understands the requirement of innovation in banking. Millions of users are going to be benefitted by the mobile app that is fast, easy to use and easy to understand. Frankly speaking, you don’t need to understand the app as that would understand your requirement.

Using Sense is just as easy as using your bank passbook. The only thing is that you don’t need to struggle with the arranging of the information as that will be done by the bank software. The app gets updated every single minute so that your transactions reflect in the real time. Though it is very basic for every banking app to have certain feature, the customization option that Sense brings is impeccable. With Sense, you will never forget to make a payment. Sent is fast, impressive and light as it is going to be released next week.

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