In the recent past, there are quite a number of innovations that have been made so as to make the android keyboard safe and easy to use. Gesturely is the recent password safe keyboard app that has been created to keep your keyboard private to only be used by you. Through the app, you can simply add any of your best gestures to the any available phrase that you type in an efficient way and thus saving on time. This app has proven to be one of the best since it is very innovative and one of the best custom keyboard app that one can use. You will also find out that the app provides all the required ways of inputting information in your own mobile device. In addition to this, Gesturely is the first app to be invented that is a true gesture-keyboard ever. The app is also important in ensuring that you manage your time in typing since all your saved phrases are pasted on the keyboard instantly you make any mistake. Below are some other amazing features that one can get in the Gesturely- Password Safe Keyboard.


  1. Creation of unlimited gestures.

If you thought the gesturely app will run short of gestures after a long use of it, then you are wrong. The app creates as many as possible gestures that you require which you can even save for future use in the keyboard. You can as well use those gestures that you once created to reduce wastage of time typing same things over and over again.

  1. Assigning of phrases relevant gestures.

The app allows you to make relevant changes on various phrases to give the meaning that you want. Simply assign gestures to the phrases that you like to use on most occasions. This will ensured that it is easy to retrieve the gestures whenever you want to use.


  1. Anytime use of gestures.

Gesturely is one of the best password safe gesture keyboard since it ensures that all the gestures that you would wish to use when typing various messages are available in the keyboard. With the wide variety of gestures that are availed to you, choose the best since they are always available without shortage.

  1. Faster input of information.

Another key feature that you will realize when you download this app is faster input of information. When you are typing and in the vent you type something that you had ever typed earlier, gesturely will avail all the necessary gestures to get the whole word pasted on the keyboard. This will eventually help you in faster input of information and thus saving on time.


  1. Secure Storage of Information.

Gesaturely app can be one of the best ways you can choose to store your information in secure state. This can be achieved by the fact that the app is password effective and you can only operate it after you have entered the correct password. In this regard, choose a password and get your information stored in a secure place.

To enjoy these features, download gesturely today and keep your life easier when typing where you will have your favorite gestures just on your fingertips.

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