Arcade games like Pac Man, Space Invaders and others will forever stay in our hearts. But if you are looking for a new challenging game that includes the features of the classics then the TAP and SMASH fun arcade game (iPhone only) is your perfect dream app! This awesome arcade games allows you to get into the classical old fantasy world of arcade while giving you the advanced and modern day graphics, sound and special effects.

About the TAP & SMASH Arcade Fun Game for iPhone

Stay hooked with the addictive TAP & SMASH fun arcade game and be ready to challenge your family, friends and coworkers to try when you see them next. Find who is on the leader board at the top in the fantasy world of the TAP and SMASH. Simple enough to understand and get addicted, you find yourself in randomly sorted puzzling levels with awesome background sounds running as you move along the world of great HD graphics! Find the latest and the best updated version of 2.1 to enjoy the best features. Read through the following to know more about TAP and SMASH for iOS.


The interesting Gameplay

This is a tapping game which is appropriate for people of all ages. It is perfect for light players who want to spend some moments while playing a fun-filled yet challenging game. To play this game one has to simply tap on the screen and delve into fun world. By mastering the tricks of tapping on the screen and avoiding the threats you can win over the thrilling challenges in this game and be the winner. While playing the player can also take the other players at top of the world leaderboard to experience more fun, challenges and thrill.


Updates and Remarkable Features

TAP and SMASH offers some of the best features with its latest updated version.

· Addicting- Simple yet creative and challenging enough to get you hooked.

· Special Effects- Some of the best and high quality special effects that include sounds, surprising elements and more.

· HD Graphics- the HD graphics offered sets your in-game mood at an entire different level and gets you into the grove of the fantasy world.

· Random Generation- One of the best features about the TAP and SMASH includes the surprise that you expect as you go on to play the next level. They are randomly generated!

· Multiplayer Facility- This iOS only app offers multiplayer gaming experience to let you play with your loved ones.

· Share and Pause- You get to share our scoreboard on social media, get free gifts, pause the ongoing game in the middle and play in multiple languages.

· Free Coins- The latest version includes the option to collect coins from the SPIN feature.

· Powerful Powerups- The TAP and SMASH included the option to get collectables, free gifts by spinning a wheel and various other reward systems.

· In-App Purchases- You can upgrade to add free facility and buy 50 lives through the in-app purchases.

Pros that TAP & SMASH offers

Find out about the advantages and pros of playing the iOS only arcade game.

· Free- It is absolutely free of charge.

· Refreshing- this arcade games takes a different intake in the gaming strategy by mixing up levels to bring a refreshing and exciting feel.

· Great Update- The updates come with a huge package of quality surprises.

· Great user experience- It is easy, intriguing and exciting. You are guaranteed to have a smooth gaming experience.

About the Cons Too

To be honest, there are no cons that you need to be warned about. But if you were to be highly selective, these are the ones you will find:

· For iOS only- the TAP & SMASH arcade fun game is only for iPhone and iPads. Not Android.

· Addicting- Some of the users complained against the addictive feature of this game.

· Limited Languages- Users wished for more language options other than Spanish, traditional Chinese and English.

So, to conclude you need not worry about your interest being stuck as every move in this game will provide exciting moments. So, are you ready? Go and download it from iTunes right now! Do not forget to let the developer know how much you love it through the reviews and rates.

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