The B Book or Booty Book iPhone app lets you keep your private affairs, private. It manages your list of dates and potential bedmates while storing intimate information about them. Flirty and deceptive, this app is sure to heat up your pursuits and allow you to cozy up to potential dates at secret rendezvous. Developed by Entropy Enterprises, Booty Book makes it easy for you to both reconnect with your exes while building a new love interest at the same time.

The Booty Book app is meant to bring out the predator in you. As you pick up potential prey, you need to stay abreast of possible glitches. This app connects you with the Booty community so that you get handy tips and constant advice to captivate your date. The distance from a prospect to a bed mate is covered through Booty Book app. This makes the mating game more exciting and takes it beyond everything you’ve ever experienced. A short list of the main features is compiled below:


  • The app, Version 1.0, is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. It can be downloaded on iPad, iPad Touch, 3rd generation and higher.
  • This app requires a minimum of iOS 4.0 and later.
  • It occupies 3.9 MB space of phone memory and is available in English.
  • Booty Book app for iPhone manages your intimate relationships with ease. It has a host of hot features that adds a sizzle to your sex life. With a secure user login and password, the app ensures that that there’s no trespass against your privacy.
  • It has separate lists for current dates and prospects with attractive thumbnail photos.

  • Personal details are categorically arranged. Names, ages, and place of meeting are listed. Colored clocks indicate time lapse. If the date took place 6 or more days ago, the contact shows a red clock. More recent dates show a yellow clock while a green clocks glows for current dates.
  • You can get a preview of most meet ups, set reminders to reconnect with older love interests, schedule a future date and check how you’re faring with recent hook ups.
  • An unassuming logo keeps the B Book app disguised as another regular iPhone app so that no one handles it unnecessary. Besides, your dates don’t get to know anything that borders on the mischievous.
  • It acts as a personal account manager that lets you play a smart playboy with total privacy.

Summary: The B Book iPhone app is meant for adult users. A person needs to be older than 17 years to be able to download it. It comes with provocative and suggestive themes and is meant to unleash the Casanova in you. The controls are simple and the app is a naughty addition towards a hot date.

The app stores detailed contact information like height, body type, ethnicity and personal photos of prospective dates. Besides, users can upload false caller ids to avoid unwanted attention.

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