Tiny Tank, marketed by Hadi Paintarto, is a simple battle game app that brings back the retro feel in a big way. Players fire high volt Vulcan cannons, to shoot down enemy tanks to capture territory and dominate the battlefield. The game can be conveniently played on iPhones and has something unique for both fresh and seasoned gamers. There is a good old feeling of a tough, solid battle where quick reflexes and instant decisions can make the difference between life and death. It is a strategy game and requires gamers to plan out at every step.

A much awaited improvement in this version of the game is the addition of battle worthy sound effects which boost up a tank warrior’s morale. The difficulty level goes up as you progress and yet the game tools are easy-to-operate. A single touch blows up a tank and changes player tank directions. Gamers can also strengthen their force by purchasing in-app weapons and battle techniques. The following important features of Tiny Tank Combat iPhone app have been compiled below:


  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. Minimum Operating system configuration requirement is iOS 4.0 and later upgrades.
  • The game is available in an improved format, version 1.0 and has an attractive interface.
  • Gamers have to destroy enemy tanks to progress to the next higher level. These tanks are loaded with powerful Vulcan cannons that destroy in seconds.
  • To make their tanks invincible, gamers are allowed to make several in-app purchases. Top purchases include multi shot ($ 0.99) and Weapon upgrade ($0.99). There is an option for bullet upgrade also and it can be bought at $ 1.99. The app, however, is free to download.
  • Currently, the Tiny Tanks Combat app is available in English.
  • It takes up 10.9 MB of memory space without slowing down device.
  • Tiny Tanks Combat app uses simple strategies and poses interesting battlefield scenario for both children and adults. Young children who have just graduated from play stations will also find it entertaining due to a gamer friendly interface where game statistics are displayed on the screen constantly.
  • The war front is not too violent. Since it is targeted at young gamers, the app shows mild battle shots, cartoon tanks and infrequent fights.

Summary: Tiny Tanks Combat game app for iPhone is a simple shooing game which does not involve complex guns and missiles. It is ideal for 9 + years old players. Shooting down tanks increases points tally and also ups the chance of getting better weapons upgrades. There are coins to be won and players can get health upgrades, better bullet speed as well as enemy tank detection radar.

App graphics are attractive and spot-on. The intuitive interface functions well and there are no problem with a touch-and-play system. Gamers enjoy a classic game of tank shooting while experiencing it in a whole new dimension on an iPhone.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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