Everyone needs to get ready and prepare for their IQ test as it determines their level of intelligence. With the ‘IQ test preparation’ app you can easily prepare for your IQ exams. An IQ test is a test that shows how intelligent you are when compared to other people. This test determines your logical thinking, reasoning skills and your mental thinking abilities. When you take an IQ test, it tells you if you have solved the tasks below or greater than the average level.

The ‘IQ test preparation’ app is a mobile based app that helps the user prepare for an IQ test.

Developed by:

The ‘IQ test preparation’ app is created and offered for free to users by ‘Awidsoft’.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘IQ test preparation’ app on your smart phone or other devices. Now launch the app on your device and start preparing yourself for the IQ test. You can practice on thousands of mock questions and solve daily challenges while improving your aptitude. You need to answer the questions and compete with worldwide test takers. Join the daily, weekly or monthly challenges and improve your skills. This app is perfect for students, job seekers, kids and adults alike. Everyone can calculate their IQ score based on this app. Since this app is free with no restrictions, you can easily download it and start preparing for your IQ test.

Features of the app:

IQ test preparation’ app has many cool features which are listed here.

  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Answers get displayed at the end of each test so you can evaluate yourself
  • Advanced tests
  • Detailed explanation for all your doubts
  • View your rankings to motivate yourself

Compatible with:

IQ test preparation’ works on all Android and iOS devices. You can also get it on their website and on YouTube.