AppLocal is a very cool iPhone application which allows you to locate any popular stores or restaurants or electronics shop around you which has an iPhone application. This application easily locates you using GPS and maps. The only thing you need to do in you iPhone settings is enabling Location services. This will allow the application to locate your place and it will find all the stores around you which has an iPhone application. This application is well designed to target the travelers. Anyone who travels often should try this app, as it gives clear information about all the stores and apps around a place. It’s very useful when you are stuck in a new place.


Applocal gives you exact location of other application with a route map. You can either navigate through the map to locate each and every application around you or you can select the list view option to check the list of apps around you with the exact distance of each application. This application allows to distribute other applications and it helps you to gain more and more knowledge about surroundings around you.  Say for example, in my case an att mobile provider shop & a starbucks store is very near to my place. Applocal allows me to easily locate the stores and able to download their application for paying mobile bills or for placing a coffee order.


AR View is another view where you can perform your search in camera mode. There results will be categorized with various pins of different colors. Each pins has a unique description with more details like address. Tapping the pin will redirect you to apps page to gain more details on the searched application. Applocal allows you to categorize easily as per your need like Health & Medical, Hotels & Travel, Pets, Events, Financial Services, Education, Nightlife, Restaurant, Shops, Café, etc. You can easily filter out the categories you need by selecting or unselecting the categories in the filter section. Also you can decide how far you are looking to locate other applications, i.e you have option to mention the distance you would like to cover in your search like 1 mile or 5 miles around you.

Applocal has an info tab where the developers allow you to provide customer feedback about the application which is more important for any developers to know end user’s real feedback. The info tab also has a help section where they describes each and everything about this application which is very much helpful to know how to use this application.


Applocal works perfectly on all idevices which has iOS 4.3 in it. With a size of just 4MB you would love to try this application for free of cost.This application is pretty simple to use and very effectively locates your position. This application allows you to socialize more in the environment by discovering new applications and redirects you directly to apple store.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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