Being a parent is not an easy task. You need to be able to find apps that are safe for your kids to use, especially since kids these days love videos. Digital Media Interactive is here with an iOS app, Toon Goggles, that is especially suited for kids. Luck is on your side now.


Toon Goggles has a vivid collection of cartoons from all times and places. You, as a parent, might not associate with them all but you can be assured that your kid surely will. It has the quality you’ve always been looking for. The cartoons have been sorted out into various categories like action, comedy, educational, boy and girl, to make searching easier. If your kid is realy small, then you should give a shot to the category of pre-school cartoons. There is a feature that allows you to search by topics or keywords.


This app has a collection of cartoon shows that your kid will never get bored of. You can view them horizontally or vertically. There are features to add videos to a Toon Box queue, save your all-time favorites, and read up on top videos or those watched recently. To use the app, you have to register with it. The process is very short and simple however and is sure worth what you get. You can save videos, make playlists and do so much more once your register.


Toon Goggles has content for a wide range of kids’ ages. Hence, some content might not be appropriate for your child’s age. Hence, it is advisable to keep a tab on the usage of this app or create Toon Boxes with content you have approved beforehand for your child to view. Kids learn a lot through cartoons, provided with the right ones for their age. This app brings out exactly this and does so in a very apt manner.

This app comes with a wide variety of animation videos, which is a great feature. As this app is designed for kids, using it has been kept very simple. There is a tab at the bottom to make searching for anything very easy. The log in gives you a personalized feeling too. You must, however, beware of the ‘More’ tab as all the links on this might not be suited for your kid’s age. The quality of videos is spectacular on the retina screen of the iPhone 5 and iPad. However, the quality does vary in general based on what is uploaded by the creators.


The app is free at present and can be downloaded from the App store. So, if you are a toon lover, then this app is just what you have been looking for all the while. So many toons, all under one head for you to enjoy. It indeed is a great treat for toon lovers. They are sure to entertain your kid for a good number of hours, with shows varying by genre and in length from short ones to full-length engaging episodes hat will keep your kids entertained and busy for some quality time.

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