The highly improved What U See app is currently available for its users who would love to have a fantastic moment of worldwide exploration. With its latest version 2.0.3 having been last updated on 6th September, 2016, this incredible app now supports high quality live video streaming just from a mobile gadget. No more to fantasies and unrealistic dream since the What U See app has brought real experience just close to home or any convenient location. Designed with a great focus of facilitating live broadcast in real time, this app has adopted high-level technology to boost its performance. With a current high rating achieved, What U See app proves to be an exceptional social app that is user-friendly and aimed at creating an intuitive relationship with its users.

Getting Started With What U See app

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, the user will discover that there is a tutorial option which is meant to guide novice users. First, it is about using the search bar to easily navigate and select the preferred location. The next action is to ping the other What U See users that may be in the surrounding radius. Using the connect button, the user can create connection and start getting live video stream from the desired location. Besides, an individual can be advised to tilt or rotate the phone camera at different angles in order to get the entire surrounding in the best way possible. Does the app offer storage to videos? Indeed yes. The archived broadcast can be well stored for future view. Some of them can be shared with friends and What U See users to get different reactions.



Apparently, the user will discover that the app comes with basic and functional features in order to facilitate its operation.

· Basic Features

High quality background theme

It is clear that the app has integrated an amazing location-based theme that enable the user to have a perfect view. This makes it easy for the user to identify different desired locations and other What U See users in an easy way. Besides, the theme is perfectly tailored to the overall purpose of the app to offer an incredible outlook.

GPS for location identity

This is an essential feature that is meant to offer the right latitude and longitude coordinates in order to easily identify the “Others eyes”. With the aid of a perfect location-based map, it becomes pretty easy to identify different locations. The user can also subscribe some desired locations so as to be notified in case there are different live events happening.

· Functional Features

These features are more focused on the experience gained by the user while using this app. They include:

Accessing different ranks

Apparently, once the user has installed this app, the first rank obtained is known as Noob. Each time the user continually get involved with the app, there are different scores gained. Thus, one graduates to other ranks such as Watcher, Observer, Scouter, Voyager and finally Explorer. The highest level exposes an individual great chance of sharing archived videos and live broadcast to lots of people!

Archived broadcasts at “My Video”

The “My Video” option is offered in the menu provided where the user can save different videos that have already been live broadcasted. Besides, such videos can be shared to different groups of individuals including What U See users, friends and family members. Through sharing the videos, other users can like them and express their feelings through thumbs up signs.


Subscribed locations

Sometimes live events happen in different locations all over the world. Getting to view such events in real time can be fascinating. Thus, as a user of What U See app, one can opt to subscribe different desired locations under the “My Subscription” option. This will enable an individual to be notified each time a live event is occurring on selected location.

Live broadcast from different location

Once the user has established active location services and the required connection, this sets the live video stream in action. Interestingly, there are broadcasters who can highly assist in making the entire broadcasting process into an amazing experience. Getting to view different locations on a wide-coverage screen that can be adjusted in different directions is what makes this app incomparable!

Compatible Devices Needed

Actually, this incredible app works well in iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices which have exhibited strong platform to support it effectively. Additionally, iOS 8.0 and any new version of iOS can be well compatible with this app.

Here are the Merits and Demerits that have been noted in this app:


· High quality wide coverage view

· Friendly support from broadcasters

· Stimulates level of improvement to get better ranks

· Easy to save videos for future view

· Simple to understand and use


· Some locations don’t contain “Others eyes”

· Infrequent due to bug problem


It is clear that live video streaming in real time has been made easier than expected with What U See app. Notably, it has taken great privacy measures to ensure that the user enjoys safe broadcasting of desired locations all over the world. With the fantastic features integrated, it is simply the best live video streaming app. Why not download it for free from App Store today? Amazing experience is in-waiting!

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