Though most of us might have at some point in our life travelled in a train, the driver’s cabin is still a mystery as well as fantasy. How’d a driver control the train? How does he manage to find all the routes? Is he carrying a map with him? The questions are just endless and while you may find an answer to all of them in your books and on the web, the actual experience of controlling a train is totally different. When you’re travelling through lush-green countryside farms and the next station is miles away from now, you pull up the throttle liver and let the cold breeze come inside on a bright sunny day. But we can just imagine it. We can’t actually get to drive one; can we? Your dream might come true with this latest invention in the app world.


I am talking about the latest Android app called Train Sim 15. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS.

Train Sim 15 is a train simulator that makes you sit at the driver’s seat and asks you to take care of all the responsibilities that belong to him. So you’ll start the journey with full throttle but also apply brakes wherever necessary, use horn at road-crossings, stop the train at relevant stations and pick up the passengers, keep a check on the speed in speed-limit zones and follow all the rules. But while doing all this, you’ll be enjoying the scenery of beautiful countries like USA, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, etc. You can choose any destination as well as the weather. So if want the sun to hide behind and let the clouds pour over some rain, the orders will be sincerely followed.


The biggest plus of Train Sim 15 is the detail with which this app has been designed. Either we’re talking about the graphics or the animations; they’re all super-fluidic and amazing. Moreover, to make it look more realistic, the gates of the train open and close, people move in-and-out, there are commuters on the roadside when the train goes through cities and many such things that make you believe the authenticity of this train simulator. There are even different trains: people and freight.

While you’re going through beautiful mountains or grasslands, if you’re too busy controlling the train, all the work of the developers goes in vain. But thankfully they’ve kept it all simple and rational with an intuitive interface that allows you to switch through different camera views using your fingers.

Your first few journeys might take some time as the initial trains are slow. But as you complete more journeys on time and gain experience over different routes, you’ll soon unlock faster trains with a good aesthetic appeal as well. There are many trains to unlock and many more are coming soon. So there’s a lot to explore here.

Overall, Train Sim 15 is one of the finest train simulators that you’d find on the Play Store. The app is available for free with some in-app purchases. So you want to get into the driver’s cabin or not?

Pros: slide controls; fluidic animations; real-like graphics; beautiful sceneries; many trains to unlock; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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