Galactic is quite a complete app in that it has entertainment, skill, intelligence, action, reflex, adventure and reaction. All of this in a single android app game. The game is quite impressive and will give your brain some work to do. It puts together the ‘Asteroid’ controls with a gameplay that revolves around a physics style. It is very engaging, which is mainly because it has two separate modes featuring separate gameplay. If you get bored of one, you can always switch to the other.


The gameplay is highly addictive and challenging on account of its depth and scope. Everything has been done really well- including the graphics, music and sound. The learning curve however is quite steep, which can be a bit annoying at times.


In this app game, you will be working on the basic physics concepts of manipulating gravity to your advantage. In the Skill Mode, you are to move your tiny Earth-colored planet in the direction of a certain portal goal. To do this, you begin with firing your own self like a bullet into several orbits to collect stars. To move to the next orbit, you have to tap your screen at the perfect timing. There are boosts to help you propel yourself as a bullet, but the danger is that these boosts are very limited so you have to be very careful while using them. If you exhaust your energy, then you end up exploding.


As easy as this might sound, the challenging part is when you miss the right time for expulsion by seconds and land up nowhere at all in space, drifting around. You need to go on a route which collects as many stars as are required for you to move to the next level. In the Sandbox Mode, you need to attain extra mass by completing many tasks such as catching objects in space or avoiding rockets. These tasks are a little hard but are quite a good alternative to the Skill mode. It can be very challenging and need some patience to get through.


Playing the game is a lot of fun but if you lack a knack of timing, then you will sure have quite some difficulty. If you happen to miss your goal by inches, then it can be quite frustrating indeed. On the other hand, when you just get it right, the feeling is quite rewarding and amazing too. To get through the game, you must begin with mastering the first few levels. Once you get these, you’ll get a fairly good hang of the game, which will help you pull through.

When you first look at the game, the graphics might not seem all that much noticeable. However, as you proceed into the game, you will notice quite an eye for detail on the part of the developers. There is a wonderful play of lights and colors with the glowing stars, planets and orbs and their effects. The game itself is very responsive and smooth to play, making it very enjoyable. The music in the game is of good quality and well suited to the mood of the game. It adds quite an enhancing effect to the game indeed, making it a pleasure to play.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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