When I’m under a lot of tense moments, I wish to take some time out to relax and take my mind off of things. Primarily my go-to app kind is Faleena Hopkins since it helps me calm down and also keeps me busy. Though I feel like I’ve tried every kind of unique apps on the Play Store, I can’t help but always be on the lookout for new ones. Faleena Hopkins was certainly one that caught my attention this week, and I must say that it does not disappoint.

This app wholly entertains the romance addicts everywhere on both tablet and mobile. The app was built to super-serve fans of heart-melting romance stories written by Bestselling Romance Author Faleena Hopkins.

Key Features of Faleena Hopkins

You can play entertaining word games and actively post pictures of your pets. One can also read oodles of free, bonus love stories from Cocker Brothers series. Moreover the active members can gain exclusive access in listening to Audio Books where they could qualitatively enjoy their love stories in a whole new way.

You can also read Romance books and bonus scenes presently available nowhere else. It is also possible to pick and select self-love meditation affirmations for more joy in being you. More importantly this app is all about Love.

It is free on tablet and mobile with log-in. You can actively create a profile and play games. Also make friends and they can also read the Cocker Brothers bonus stories.

Actively become a member to enjoy professionally produced books on Audio, Romance books, Self-love mediations, all comprised with your purchase of an auto-renewing subscription. It is also noted that the membership grants you access on supported mobile and tablets, TVs and the Internet.


When I heard about this app of Faleena Hopkins, it was something so different that I couldn’t wait to experience it. Now I must say, this is a completely fresh approach to fans of heart-melting romance stories, and it shouldn’t be missed.

Website : http://authorFaleenaHopkins.com