Word games are a genre of games that will never die as long as mankind exists. They have been popular since a very long time ago and continue to be so even today. They are all based on testing your vocabulary and helping you build up on it. The main thing that changes is the way the games are built around it, the style and controls and the rewards that go along with these. One of the most popular, exciting and fun-filled word games today is Alpha Quest. This iOS app is here to test both your vocabulary and presence of mind.


Alpha Quest is a new kind of word game that will take you on a unique adventure. Bubbles with letters will keep flying across your screen and you have to pop them to form words. This game is not only about testing your vocabulary. It also tests your speed and presence of mind. It is about thinking quickly and thinking the right way. It brings over 50 levels of popping bubbles and more. There are lots of challenges to be taken up. The question is- are you up for it?


The cool thing about this game is that you can choose one of 4 modes. The first mode is single player mode wherein your only competition is your own self. The challenges are to spell words keeping certain conditions in mind. You can watch the progress of your friends via a level map. The second mode is multiplayer mode. In this one, you can challenge a friend to a game and beat them to it. There are lots of exciting rewards up for grabs. You are given the option to choose how you would like to challenge your friends- long or short words, electrify your friends, race against your friends, leisurely play or quick play. You can challenge friends on Facebook or send them personal invites. There are a number of power ups that can help you gain an advantage in these two modes.

The third mode is the Bonus Rounds. To get to this one, you must scratch the lotto ticket each day. The more the number of days you continue to scratch it, the bigger your prizes will get. It’s all about scratching and winning. There is also a best new word challenge to test your wits. The last mode is comprised of 200 cool levels. This contains a mix of the latest word puzzles and the best word challenges.


The user interface is indeed colourful and bright. There are bubbles of different colors coming into your screen from different directions and in different styles. The colors are bright and soothing and warm your heart. To add to this, there are addictive sounds too. You can keep track of how your friends are doing via the leader board at all times. There are lots of rewards to be earned in the form of power ups, achievements, coins, and much more. Alpha Quest is a free word puzzle game that can be downloaded from the App Store.

Good: Multiplayer mode and leader board

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App