Childhood is probably the best phase of our life. We get to know new things and that too in a beautiful way. We get to know that the world is full of bad people only when we insert a GTA San Andreas CD into our PS2. But that being too much graphic and expensive, the joy of arcade gaming is not comparable. Belonging to the same field of gaming, still it has its own share of lovers and I guess that all of us must have played games like Mario and Snow Brothers at least once. So, why not to revert back to the same experience once again with Headshotsalley? Still don’t get me? Then, just keep on reading and you’ll figure out.


I am talking about the new iOS app, Headshotsalley that has been developed by Gamewell. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version of the OS installed on your device. This arcade game promises to bring a smile on your face the first time you turn it on. It’s like a time travel from the present digital scenario to the beginning of the gaming. Hats off to the developer for thinking of such a concept! No matter if the game’s better than others or not, it’s just that it brings something new to the plate that was missing from quite a time.


The game is very simple; just as it should be. You are a “angry young man” who doesn’t believe in law and order and want to kill the criminals on his own. So, you just come down to the road with a pistol in your hand and start cleaning the dust. You just need to drag your finger on to the enemy to aim. But remember to aim for the head as it brings you 5 times the points than any other hit. You can see the blood spilling down the throat as long as you take your shot.

The gameplay was not as simple as I’d thought it to be. The game transforms into a complex hub of enemies as you proceed. There are different situations as sometimes the lights are off and only the flashlights let you recognize your enemies. Then they start arriving in trucks in groups and as soon as you miss on one of them, they start attacking you. To add to your problems, some innocent people come in front of you and you have to kill the enemies while saving the innocents.


The game is available for $0.99 in the App Store. I wouldn’t say that this is one of the best apps around, but I would still ask you to add it to your app library just because it adds that unique element that’s been missing nowadays. There are many other gorgeous apps but I think that none of them can fill the shoes for this one.

Pros:old school graphics; addictive gameplay; simple controls.

Cons: repetitive gameplay.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here