Tired of old and boring ways of tracking your periods such as by marking the period dates on the Calendar or in a Diary for tracking your next period. This seems to be a non-reliable as well as boring way to track your periods. Isn’t it? So why not you try digital tracking of your periods? Yesterday, I found a great and a very useful tool for tracking my period. On the iTunes Store, I found out a period tracker known as “inme”. For me, it is very helpful and an easy way to track period and has a nice prediction of the fertile days.

If you’re newly married or want a child, then you need to track your periods and your fertile days so that you can better know when you’ll get pregnant. You can’t track it on your own because it needs some calculations and algorithms than scientists have discovered. However, inme will help you to track your periods and will guide you at each and every step. So, don’t get worried if you don’t know how long is your cycle and has regular or irregular periods. Just pick the default option, i.e. 28 days and then continue marking the 1st day of your periods.

Based on the date you entered, inme will calculate your average period and the expected next period to occur, ovulation and also the fertile days when you can get pregnant. You know that Menstrual cycle usually lasts for 6 days and the next period is about to come in 28 days. However, it varies from a person to person. So, by determining the correct cycle, one can easily track her fertile days so as to get intimate and then conceive. It prepares you both mentally and practically and doesn’t surprise you!

On the app’s front or timeline, you can see the information related to your health, your expected period and ovulation, etc. It also updates you about your fertile days so that you’re always ready. Keeping track of your period and menstrual cycle is a great way to get your health insights. You can learn more about your body, your mood changes and other symptoms. Just enter your symptoms such as you’re having headache, fatigue, cramps, and inme will create a personalized look at you and your periods.

Developed by llya Shapotkovski, the app has been compatible with iOS 10.0 or any later version of the OS. All you need is to have an Apple device such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Overall, inme is an accurate tool to predict your periods, when you ovulate and when you’re likely to fertile. It helps you in the overall management of your body and pregnancy. For further health information about your health, you can follow the Tips and Information section in the app.

You can get the app from the iTunes Store. So go for it now!

Pros: period tracking; estimate ovulation and fertile days; learn period duration and cycle; ability to log symptoms; accurate; easy to use; good user interface; free to use. 

Cons: It doesn’t have any disadvantages.

Worth Having App – Download the App