Have you ever seen a photo managing app built with privacy in mind? We have a lot of free photo managing apps but all of them come with a watermark. Not just that, they just keep popping up with annoying ads and your private photos and videos are at a great risk. Simple Gallery Pro is one awesome app that was designed considering your seclusion.

Released by the team of Simple Mobile Tools, the app is definitely an ultimatum when it comes to managing the gallery the way you desire. This is an open source Android media gallery app. This photo managing tool allows you to manage all the photos and videos and edit them the way you want. The app has got all the functionalities that allows for cropping, deleting, protecting, hiding and a lot more.

Simple Gallery Pro has a very advanced photo editor that allows you to edit your pictures. You can easily crop, edit, rotate, resize, flip and apply any filters that you desire. It is loaded with numerous function buttons that you can see at the bottom toolbar of the app. This gallery is customizable so that you can add different colours and other elements to the pictures you choose. The app supports different file types like JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, RAW, SVG, GIF, Panoramic photos, videos and many more.

The functionality of the app doesn’t end there, it allows you to recover the photos and videos that you have accidently deleted. Simple Gallery Pro allows you to protect and hide your photos by using a pin, pattern or your fingerprint. Under the photo vault, users will be able to toggle the visibility of files that they choose to hide. With this app, users can choose any image and set it as wallpaper and they can also opt for portrait or landscape orientation to view them. The user interface of Simple Gallery Pro is so simple and it becomes easy for you to use it.

When you have any queries, you can very well contact the team on hello@simplemobiletools.com and get them answered. If you want to try out this app, you need not hesitate as the team offers a refund if you uninstall it within 2 hours time. Compatible with Android 5.0 and later versions, this paid app is suitable for all those in the family. Discover the difference for yourself – once you start using it, you will be amazed to see how different the app is from the common photo saving tools.  

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