7dayz is a onetime location App which is based on visual stories. With 7dayz apple app you get the experience of sharing and discovering moments, Experiences and Journeys happening right away. The app makes life simple and unique by allowing the user to discover the visual stories from those they love like friends, or people they love and places they live.


7dayz is outstanding in that you get the updates on time and as they happen and those which are popular from the last 7dayz. On your instance the app looks like the normal photo app but from a critical overview you can discover that it is a class of touch. It connects real streams through connection of your moments, places and people close to you. Above all this, 7dayz shares visual stories not to only those who you know but also those you live around with. The following are the outstanding features of 7dayz apple app:

  1. Multi-dimensional and fun. 

From the app comes that much needed fun through exploration of stories from those people you love and follow and the places near them. From the app the user will be able to get more amazing visual stories that are trending over the world. The stories are trending and top on the list from the last 7days.


  1. Capture Your Life Experiences.

Capture the world and share it with your friends with 7dayz app. Record that life worth experience as the app gives you the opportunity to organize those discoveries that will help you remember for entire life. With the app you can share those epic moments of your friends or those around your proximity thus becoming part of your life.

  1. Simple to use. 

Beta release gives the user an opportunity to capture photos and spread them with real time story features. The app comes with simplicity by using simple techniques to edit the photos. The edit tools are user friendly thus making those photos to the best and beautiful memories for one to admire.


  1. Get to know what is trending in your neighborhood.

With 7dayz app you get to have a collection of what is going on for up to the last seven days in your neighborhood. The app can record all the epic moments life of the neighborhood and sends to the user thus keeping one with what is trending on the next door. This acts as a security measure too.

  1. Sharing of information of business owners.

Business can take advantage of the app by sharing the useful information thus enhancing mode of business operation. Information does matter in any business thus with 7dayz app you at stake to share business information thus increasing returns. The information moves in a speed arriving to the intended user on time. Business people living around can use this service and app to help one another on ways to improve business.

These are the fascinating features of 7dayz app. 7dayz app is a must have app as it makes life simple and worth living. You can learn various epic moments and get to enjoy outstanding life experience.

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