It is not unusual for smartphone users to become victims of privacy breach, of stolen information, of identity theft, and of exposure of personal beliefs and practices. In order to combat all these and much more, the android phone has made available the LEO privacy guard.


With the LEO privacy guard, all you information is safely locked away and your hands are free from constant locking and unlocking for your own use and if your co-worker or family needs to use your phone. It is by far the best privacy protector from prying eyes and from unwanted use of your information. If you want to keep your children and parents from learning of your Facebook images and comments, your personal gallery of photos and other personal information, this privacy protector is the thing for you.


What are the main features of the LEO privacy guard?

It has Applock, a tool that allows the user to lock all apps in one click. So, even if your phone is in the hands of others, they will have no access to your apps. With the Applock, you can switch between different modes – office, home, travel, etc. This ensures total safety of all your information stored in the apps. Applock also allows you to mask your apps – your apps remain practically invisible to all other users.

Privacy protection has alerts installed that keep you informed of any breach to your phone’s safety. And it keeps intruders away from your personal text messages, photos, videos, call logs and banking or other financial information. Keep your life and all that is important to you safe and secure with the LEO privacy guard.

This app has an attractive design and handling it is simple, straightforward and intuitive. The simple yet elegant design for user interface makes this LEO app a winner. Besides, there are numerous stylish themes to adorn your locked screen.
A striking feature of the LEO privacy guard is App Management. It actually helps you uninstall the unwanted apps (like the ones that your friends had suggested, but you never tried your hand at it), free memory space and backup all the important apps. Remove all the apps that are of no use and only drain storage space. This will also keep your battery and data plan usage under your control. This, in turn, will keep your monthly phone bills under control. You will know where and how much you are spending.

The new Added Message center keeps you abreast of news and new features of the Privacy guard, useful tips to use this app better and much more. The latest version of this app also provides better guidance to using advanced protective functions, which will protect your phone and information better than ever before.

Users of the LEO privacy guard are happy with this app because it gives them the peace of mind they require when they have all their personal information on their Android phones. One user is so happy he says, it is the best software application on a mobile phone.

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