Apple has become a common household name, even kids are learning to use them and excel very quickly than adults. Since apple has transformed the technology and the way in which it’s presented to the people to such an extent, we can see the endless queues in store when any of the apple products are released. It becomes essential that everything which we use on a day-to-day basis has to be in a form that can be operated with ease in the iPad. With millions of apps that are available in the appstore and the number increasing day by day, the app should be very unique and easy to handle with all possible features included for a reasonable price for it to become a huge hit.

Organidoc is one such app, it is used for File management, and it’s like carrying a portable USB flash drive with you all the time. Since Apple doesn’t support flash options and doesn’t provide you with the USB features, Wenjoy Technology has come up with this exclusive third party app which is a very useful option for effective file management.

Attractive features of Organidoc:

  • Organidoc provides very efficient way to manage your data, photos and videos. There are three separate tabs provided for the data, videos and photos, hence it will be organized in a way it can be accessed easily.
  • You can store your data in two different modes they are public and private. In private mode it allows the user to protect their files using password. This is stored under a separate tab ‘Protected file’ so that they can be easily accessed.
  • There is a cloud storage option available which helps in managing the space issues. The files can also be easily downloaded from the cloud storage into any device. The download time is very minimal.
  • All the major file formats are supported which is very handy in opening files without the content getting corrupted.
  • You can also download files from your email and save it easily in the Organidoc app.
  • The ZIP and RAR files can be extracted and also compressed by using this app.
  • This app is very handy for converting your video and audio files to the format which is supported by iPad.
  • The Wi-Fi option available in this is very useful to override the option of using iTunes for transferring files. The only limitation is that the devices used in transferring the files should be using the same wireless connection.
  • There is a feature for TV out which helps the user to connect to the projectors/ TV to do a presentation.
  • The Air print option helps to print out files easily in Ipad’s.
  • You can constantly keep track of the sharing status in the Google Docs, icloud and other accounts you have in different cloud storage providers.
  • There is an excellent cover flow layout for reading the documents and also easy upload options to iTunes, Cloud storage.
  • It provides an option of opening the files in Organicdoc in any other app which supports that specific format in your ipad.
  • The app design layout is very simple with minimal buttons on the screen and in the same time very easy for user navigation.

Overall, Organidoc is an excellent app which helps in file management without much effort. We all know that anything good has its price, Organidoc app is $4.99 and it’s available in Appstore and its worth investing your money for all the benefits it provides.

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