There are many dangers of internet that your child risk themselves at while going online. But there is one that can give sleepless nights to every parent. Kids just entering their teen life are too excited to socialize because hormones are bursting into the blood stream and there is too much excitement and emotions overload. Kids usually end up being too careless as a result. There are worst case scenarios where kids end up doing something very peculiar to themselves. Chatting with anonymous people, sharing mobile numbers and getting on to blind dates are not the best decision that your children would have made. But there is not much to blame because it takes some time to understand those hormonal changes.Mobile spy software like XNSPY allows parents to keep a check on all of their kids’ online activities.

Why XNSPY Is a Shield against Online Predators

Not every parent can handle things in the same manner. Some may find discovering their children have stalkers hard to handle—othershave stronger nerves. Sex offenders and pedophiles are always at hunt for someone. They will use alias so that there tracking becomes difficult. There are many reasons why XNSPY is a shield against all the possible tricks.

Read Facebook messages

XNSPY remotely accesses your child’s phone, once it is installed there. Social networking sites are biggest platforms for online predators. This smartphone spying app gets all your Facebook messages backed up on a cloud data server. Which can be retrieved through XNSPY’s control panel.

WhatsApp and Viber and LINE chats

This trio is the biggest media sharing channel. Predators will start with sharing fake photos in return for your kid’s photos. XNSPY keeps logs of all the aforementioned IM apps. So u are always aware of every word exchanged between your kids and others.

Track them!

If your child has a habit of going on blind dates, that they can very easily fall prey to online predators. Never miss on something that can put your child in severe danger. Stay ahead of your child by always keep a track on their leads by accessing their real-time location or location history with date and time stamps so you never miss on any subtle detail.

Record their surroundings

This is one of the best features of XNSPY. The app can activate phone’s microphone anytime and record as long as you want off your kid’s phone. This distinct characteristic of the app ensures that your child is roaming around in safe people.

Honestly, the app is a miracle. The best part is that it very affordable,so every parent can monitor their kids. This is probably why it is the no.1 selling mobile spy software in the market. And if it has done so many parents and kids good, you would benefit, too.