In the past, when there were no text messaging apps, email was used at that time. People only relied on emails, especially professionals or businessman and preferred conversation with their colleagues and customers using that. But, that was really very overwhelming because there were few people who check their mails and reply to their messages. Sometimes, the important messages were missed. So what’s the benefit of using email! It’s good up to a limit and useful in sending professional documents or anything else. But, it’s not reliable every time. Today, there are millions of text messaging apps having a lot of features in it and Textable is one of them. It’s a text messaging webapp for business purposes and an easy way to get in touch with each other.

Textable has been offered by

It helps to make your communication more organized and most importantly, it gives your staff an easy way to get in touch with you. The most important thing is that it will not irritate you just like phone calls and you don’t have to bother to see your emails. It believes in text messaging and make your customers happy.

To begin with, you have to sign up and you can start its 14-days free trial. After that you can send and receive messages from your customers.

You can send 200K texts per second and 6B texts a day. If you want to send a common message, then there are automated messages for you so that you don’t have to type a new message again and reply to your clients. To advertise new products, current sales or send any kind of announcements then you can broadcast your message to all or selected customers within a click. You should keep a personal touch while removing manual tasks from your day.

Whenever you’ll receive a new message you’ll be notified and get things done. You can tag your teammates, leave notes on customers, and automatically assign new conversations. In this way, you can collaborate with each other.

Textable helps to determine the success of different campaigns and find the best possible time to reach your customers.

It can help you and your team communicate better with your customers like never before. They can simply shoot you a text, just like they send messages to their friends. So it’s an easy task to do and it’s very simple! The graphics of the app are quite good. The themes and the backgrounds are nice. The interface is user-friendly.
If you have Textable app on your mobile phone, you won’t need to install any other apps on your phone. So What else do you want? I think this is enough for your business to track customer engagement like a pro!

You can also integrate Textable with the apps you usually use such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s currently working on it. Stay tuned!

Try to communicate differently and send texts to your customers! Get it now and start your Textable trial today! After completing your trial, charges may apply accordingly!

Pros: less phone calls, less emails and more text messages; automated messages; advertise new products; collaborate with customers; engaging; keeps you in touch with your customers; 14-days free trial. 

Cons: none.

Worth Having app  – Get Texable Now