Have you always dreamed of the thrill and excitement of Las Vegas but been too caught up in real life to visit the place? If you are one of the many who has gone through this, then Video Poker Deluxe, an iOS app, is here to bring the Vegas excitement to you right on your iOS device. Experience all the fun and excitement for free now.


With this app, you can take the video poker fun with you anywhere you go. You no longer have to confine yourself. As soon as you get some leisure time, you can get started anywhere you wish. The game brings the Vegas atmosphere alive with paytables, real card shufflind and a variety of poker games.


Unlike the traditional slot games that are purely based on luck and require you to only push a slot, this game requires some skill and knowledge of the game of Poker. You need to set up and pick the best set of hands in order to win. This interaction factor makes the game more fun and popular. However, this game combines poker and slot games for you. As in the case of slot games, there is an electronic screen in front of you. However, the rows, reels and the paylines have been replaced with a poker hand. Your job is to select the cards to keep and the ones to discard.

One of the advantages of this game is that it is easy to play and learn, making it suitable fr beginners as well as experienced poker players. There are a variety of poker games available to choose between- Deuces wild, Bonus Poker, All American, Super Bonus Deuces Wild, Triple Bonus Poker, Double Joker Poker, Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, Double Bonus Poker, White Hot Aces, Joker Poker, Double Deuces Wild, Triple Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Deuces Wild, Ultra Bonus Poker, Triple Double Bonus Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker. New games are constantly being added to this collection. Each of these games has a set of unique rules that add a unique twist to it.


With this app, you can avail free credits once in every four hours for playing. The Payouts on all games are pretty high to keep you going too. Each time you win, you play Double or Nothing to Double all your winnings or lose it all. If you run out of credits, you can always visit the App Store to purchase more. With superb yet simple graphics, this game is hard to put down once you begin. The sound effects add a unique complimentary touch to the game without distracting you. There are very minimal pop up ads, which comes as a real relief to anyone playing the game.

This game offers both excitement and convenience. If you are looking for something that s a tad bit harder than the slot machines but not as emotionally draining as Poker, then this game is ideal for you. Be it while waiting for a flight or standing in the line at a grocery store, this app will make sure that you never die out of boredom nor run short on excitement.

Good: Easy to play

Bad: None

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