Recently, Microsoft shocked us all after unveiling their upcoming tablet, the Microsoft Surface. This will definitely try to compete against the iPad and even though some people think that there is nothing that can beat the iPad, Microsoft Surface might just do it. Another obstacle is the Android OS and people who don’t like the iOS, will go for Android powered tablets. Therefore, with Android and iOS currently dominating the market, the Surface is likely to face a tough competition in the industry. Then why should you go for the Surface tablet from Microsoft when there are already several tablets available? Basically, the uniqueness of Microsoft’s tablet will make it different, in a good way, from the tablets which are currently available in the market.  Here are some of the unique reasons why you should consider buying the Surface tablet instead of going for the iPad or an Android powered tablet.

One of the major reasons why most people will be attracted to the Surface is the USB port in the tablet. All tablets lack this feature and most iPad users are disappointed that Apple hasn’t done anything in order for them to use their removable devices with the iPad. This feature, alone, is likely to win several people towards Microsoft’s tablet. Both the Windows RT version and the Windows 8 PRO version of the Surface will come with USB 2.0 ports.

Another feature which makes the Surface different from other tabs is the screen size. The giant 10.6 inch screen is definitely a lot bigger than the iPad and other Android tablets and this will be the perfect option for people who are looking for a tablet in order to play HD games and watch HD videos and movies. The screen size doesn’t win this battle alone and the quality also effects what you can see on the screen. Microsoft made a statement that the screen will be a true HD screen and is likely to feature Gorilla Glass 2 for a crisp display.

The Microsoft Surface will also have Windows Office which is a fan favorite feature and this will also help the company to attract a greater number of people. Microsoft Office is probably the best, in its category, and no such product can match what the Microsoft Office has been doing since several years. This feature will attract students and corporate people and will make this tablet superior to all other tablets when it comes to business and office work.

The new keyboard also looks quite impressive and this can also be a reason why someone should go for the Microsoft Surface. Some users have adapted the onscreen keyboard style; however, others are still having problems with it. Therefore, this new technology will make this tablet better than other available tablets when it comes to typing as the new keyboard focuses on fast and easy typing.

Last, but not the least, the Windows operating system will also attract a major audience as it is still the most used operating system in the world. Almost everyone knows about the easy UI and the stability of the Windows OS. Users who are looking for a much more stable OS and users who want to buy their first tablet will definitely consider going for Microsoft’s Surface.