When you’re running an online business whether it’s an ecommerce website or providing any online service, you never meet your customers face to face. From the customer relationship point of view, this is a big negative point. If you never meet them, you miss all the chances to ever get to know them and therefore the trust is always missing. You never share a healthy bond that is a must in a long-term business relationship. But last year, Amazon was voted the most trusted company of US. So how did a store owner managed to be trusted so much by his customers if he’s never met them personally? This takes us to the real problem which is not the invisibility of the owner to the customers but vice-versa i.e. invisibility of the customers to the owner.

So today we’ve gathered up some of the most important things that you should know about your customer if you want a successful run for your business.


One thing that matters the most to your customers is obviously the quality of the products. If you fail to deliver in that particular department, then it doesn’t matter if your service is fast or you provide 24×7 supports to your customers as they always come later in the list. Your products represent you in the market and the user community and if they aren’t right, then so is your impression.


The first step in the start of a product development cycle is the need of the market and if you skip that, how can you claim a product to be made ‘for’ the customers. Most of the times, what businessmen do is that they have their own thoughts regarding the future of the market and in that way, they create something that’s new and unique. But will the world like what they’ve made is a different aspect and you, as a businessman, need to understand that difference. People hailed Steve Jobs for his new ideas and designs but then we have Hitler as well. So it’s a safe bet when you start from the market first.


Everybody loves a free gift, don’t you? So when you reward your most valuable customers with such discount coupons, free gifts or any other exciting offers, you’re encouraging more of them to be a part of that winning team the next time. People don’t see the price tag of gifts and therefore it doesn’t matter if it’s a Pen or a washing machine they get for free. This doesn’t cost you much and does a much bigger job for you.


Suppose you want to buy a new car and you go to visit a Car Showroom. You don’t have a particular model in your mind and therefore you start asking questions about the different variants, their prices, performances, etc. Now, the company’s employee attending you starts getting irritated and starts behaving inappropriately. It’s obvious that you’re not buying the car from that showroom but you might not even consider again that particular company. So the people that are part of your customer care team are very valuable to you and your company’s image. Make sure they’re user friendly and are trained properly to talk to your valuable clients.


If your customers have given their valuable personal information to you, they’ve trusted you and it’s very difficult to gain one’s trust than to lose it. So use that information wisely. Make sure you don’t cross the lines and keep mailing them unnecessarily too frequently. These issues are common with most websites and that’s why people are too cautious while signing-up for a new one. In fact, most of the customers have an alternate email for such purposes. So if your brand image is good, you’ll get the right information. Otherwise, your customers know how to deal with you.


Until and unless you’re running a website that’s made for aliens, make sure it’s easy to understand and operate. What’s the point of investing so much time and money in developing a user interface if people can’t reach your products? It’s like you have the best phone available in the market with a broken screen. So how’s the camera, huh?


When you’re out in such a cruel market to buy products that matter to you, satisfaction doesn’t come very easily. Customers are used to being cheated by so many websites that they just develop their own image regarding you and it’s a difficult job to make them believe you. That’s where your 24×7 customer support comes really handy. If they’ve someone that listens to their complaints, that’s all they need. If you have any money back guarantee offer as well, then it’s just icing on the cake.


Technology has made us lazier than ever. While our ancestors were used to travel miles in search of fresh water, we don’t even make an effort to take out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator; we’d drink beer instead. So when someone’s window shopping, how can you expect him/her to go for an extra click when she can have the same product in a simpler way on another website? So keep your products easy to access and the shopping process as easy as “Click to buy”.


When the market is so big and when there is no direct contact between you and your customers, you’re always vulnerable to be forgotten into the ashes. So you need to keep your customers informed about all new updates regarding your new products, any new features in your website, etc. This will keep you in touch with your customers and while the world’s developing, they’ll know that you’re developing as well. But never overthrow yourself over them or they’ll start getting irritated.


If you want a long term relationship with your customers, never break their trust. The connecting interface between you and your customers should be as transparent as a crystal clear glass. If there is a mistake from your side, apologize for it immediately and compensate for it if required. Let your customers know you and your staff just like they’re a part of your family. After all, you’re not running just a business but touching many lives with it!


I’ve shown you everything that I had in my pockets. Stay tuned for the next time I do some shopping. Till then, keep posting new ideas and any suggestions if you have for us. I’ll be looking forward to hear from you!