Whether it was your wedding anniversary or a holiday trip, there are priceless memories attached to each and every moment. To keep them fresh forever, photo albums are being created so that you can share those moments with your future generations. But in this digital world, mostly the images you capture are all bundled up at one place in your phone or laptop and it becomes a tedious task to arrange them all in different categories according to the moment it was captured for. Let’s discuss a solution to the problem.

Nice Prints is a free IOS app that has been developed Via Indice for ipads and iphones. The app requires IOS version 4.2 or later. Now, the question is how it is helpful to you. The main problem is a well patterned organization of all the images. This app lets you create a photo album in seconds. Just select the images you want in your album, choose a size for the album and decide how many photos you want per page. Within next 3 seconds, your beautiful photo album is ready.

But there are different demands of different people; therefore to add a little more style quotient to your album, there are 60 photo book themes available in the app, each being available at a small cost of $0.99. The different themes are available in 12 different categories of Holidays, Kids, Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, Birthday, etc. The different themes are really unique and match perfectly with the defined categories. And there’s no point of summarizing those memories on your own alone. Go and share them with your friends on Facebook directly from the app.

You cannot store all the images in your device for life long time. Therefore, as soon as you open the app, there are two different options to Photo Books and Prints. The prints section includes a very unique feature. You can directly send your photo book to get printed from the app. Just do the payment and your photo book will be at your door within a few days. Different print sizes are available e.g. 3.5×4.5, 4×6, 6×8 and photo passport. You can also print your album on your own. The saved photo books are saved as high quality images. So, they are ready to print as soon as they are saved.

We really liked the app. It is like a complete package for a photo album. But it lacks at certain areas. We would have much appreciated a control to predefine a folder for storage of the images to be captured which would directly be converted into a photo book because it’s really difficult to pick all those images again for the photo book. Other than that, we liked their print feature so that you don’t have to worry at all and sit back. Your photo book will be printed in high quality and sent to you without your involvement. Also, calendar and greeting card templates are soon to be launched.

Pros : Print feature, beautiful themes, intuitive user interface.

Cons : Nothing new concept wise other than the print feature.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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