We live in an age of “there’s an app for that” and if you are like millions of other smartphone users, you use numerous apps, from social media to banking, on a daily basis. It should come as no surprise that we look at our phones all day. According to recent studies, the average smartphone user looks at his or her phone about 50 times a day. While your smartphone is a valuable tool in your everyday life, why not enjoy it when you have a little downtime, too? When you treat yourself to a little rest and relaxation, check out these apps:

Pokémon Go

If you haven’t joined the masses, it’s not too late. Although the hype of Pokémon Go has died down a bit since it’s debut in July, the free, augmented-reality game is fun for all ages. Although it gets you off the couch and enjoying the community around you, it can still be relaxing as you stroll through some of your favorite parts of town, capturing some of your favorite Pokémon.


From playlists at the gym to a relaxing playlist during your hectic commute, for many people, music is motivator throughout the day. While music keeps you going during your busiest moments, why not continue to enjoy it during your downtime? Spending an afternoon lounging around in your backyard or want some background tunes for a nice soak in the tub after a long day?

Whether you want to listen to your favorite album on-the-go or want to customize your own playlist, the Spotify app is a “must have” for all music lovers. The app is free, but users can pay a monthly fee for zero advertising interruptions.


Love it or hate it, we are a selfie obsessed society. Even if you don’t take many selfies, there’s a good chance you take a lot of photos. Although smartphones have create cameras, the filter options can be a bit boring. Want to make your pictures look like a masterpiece, stand out from the rest, or you just want to have a little fun photo editing? The Prisma app will take your photos to the next level, for free.

Adult Coloring Book

If you have a little free time on your hands, but want to enjoy the quiet, the Adult Coloring Book app is worth checking out. It’s meditative, creative, and you don’t have to spend time sharpening your colored pencils. Want to try out another popular coloring app? Colorfly is another app worth keeping on your phone.

Looking for a Game App?

There are millions of game apps to choose from and the results can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for the best online casino or the most challenging puzzle games, the best way to select is by investing a little time in reading online peer reviews. Unless you feel completely confident in an app, don’t select one that will cost you money and always make sure that it’s a safe and secure app to download onto your smartphone, so you don’t get hit with annoying glitches.