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Android is specifically made for the mobile technology. Since android is being redeveloped and more new apps coming up, games have not been left out. The new features will allow one to play different games on the android OS. Here are some top games to watch out this year.

Serpents curse — The broken sword 5:

The Broken Sword 5 stars the reunion of Collard and Stobbart. This game is developed in 2D and is an adventure series that is expected on the tablets and android phones. A digital copy can be preordered for $15 and it welcome players with bonus material. The buyer will get extra Broken swords artworks, game documents that have been designed, customized drawings done by the art team and other messages from the actors. You can also get mentioned in the game if you preorder it.

Star command:

The star command is done by War Balloon Games. It is an anticipated game compatible with the IPads, IPhones and androids as well. The game has been done in simulation through Game Dave stories. In this game, the gamer is allowed to come and create own tittles on the starships captain leader. In addition one can customize and construct unique vessels for the copilot. The game sets off in 17 different actions.

Ace Attorney:

The Ace Attorney is a game to be released by Capcom compatible with iPads and iPhones to be released in 2013. The Ace Attorney is to be released on HD and compiles three features composed of the Nintendo technology. This allows DS impressive titles to be created. These are the Trials and Tribulations, Justice for all and Phoenix Wright. In order to win, the game is required to use all the evidences available to make the court cross examinations so that you can defend the clients who have been charged in court.

The Oceanhorn is one of the highly anticipated games in the 2013 calendar year. It is programmed by Cornfox and Bros Company. The version of this game is expected to be compatible to the iPads and iPhones also. By closely looking at Oceanhorn, you will realize that it comes with uber colored graphics. Apart from the graphics, the gamers will experience a good soundtrack accompanying the game as it is in action. The game is one of the closely watched releases with RPGs in different application store. With this in mind, the gamer is going to experience a 3D esque Zelda experience when playing on the iPhone and iPads. It is also asimple game to learn.


The core is one of the most anticipated games on android. This is because it has been made with a variety of visual images that have never been seen in the world of mobile technologies.

The game is considered as a multi-platform with different genres of gaming experiences. The game can be found in high ended consoles as well as personal computers.

Let us hope that these games which are expected to be released in 2013 will offers new experiences when gaming. These games are not only are easy to learn but can be played on the mobile devices pretty easily.

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