It’s no wonder that schools are becoming increasingly interested in developing their own websites. School websites allow for the efficient sharing and distribution of information, as well as the development of an online presence and enrollment.
We’ve compiled a list of useful school website design ideas and inspirations for you to consider while creating your own.

What is the purpose of a school website?

A school website serves two primary purposes. The first is to serve as an informational database for current students, parents, and teachers. The second goal is to highlight the school’s best features in order to entice prospective students and parents to register.
The greatest school websites will establish a sense of community pride in its visitors while also presenting a curriculum, list of activities, and pedagogical style. Creative school website design Ideas for 2022 – GegoK12. Naturally, creating a school website takes time and effort, but the effort is well worth it.

Many educational institutions, from school management software to online learning platforms for children and adults, are taking advantage of emerging technologies.
That is why it is critical for educational institutions to develop a superb web design that distinguishes their school.
We are delighted to offer our data-driven insights on how to create an educational website that generates value and provide you with the best educational website design ideas based on the experience of the GegoSoft team, which provides school education website design services.

Our school website design services include, but are not limited to, the following features:

Responsive structures
Features that are simple and quick to update
Slideshows and galleries that are simple to use
Notice board for parents
Calendars and term dates
Directory of Staff members
Page for feedback
Designs that are responsive
Navigation is simple and intuitive to use.

When planning and developing yours, keep the following four points in mind:

‘1. Informative’ homepage

By useful, we mean getting visitors to the next step without a lot of scrolling and moving. Sure, a good homepage should look beautiful and be inviting – many CMS systems include some great templates. You can ensure that website visitors get off on the right foot by developing a functional school homepage.

Maintain a straightforward approach
Links to useful resources
Images from the News and Calendar of Events pages

2. Use of a responsive design

The modern school website design must include responsive design (i.e., mobile-friendly) as a key component. It indicates that your website is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices. It automatically resizes and reformats your pages, removing the time-consuming and inconvenient zooming and dragging that creates obstacles for the viewer.
A responsively designed school website can be shared and seen via email links or social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, which more than half of users now access via mobile apps.
Check to see if your website is responsive. Otherwise, if your school’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, no one will visit it, much less use it as a regular means of communication with your school.

3. Navigation that is well-organized

Well-designed navigation is intuitive and structured. It’s crucial to the usability of a school website. As a result, the 7-Link rule is recommended for website organizations. With seven connections, organize navigation and sub-navigation.   It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you add anything else to the mix.

4. Popular pages have been streamlined

Pay special attention to the most popular pages on your site, in addition to the ever-popular school calendar. You may readily detect these by running a fast Google analytics analysis. These content areas are, in general, the most popular pages on any school website.

Make sure your school calendar is easily available, provides correct, up-to-date information, and is simple to use.
Make it simple for anybody to obtain contact information for everyone at your school by creating a contact directory. On many school websites, a contact directory hidden deep within the site is a common, easily corrected annoyance. Also, make sure it’s up to date. (Update it if staff members leave or take on new tasks.)

School sites — Make it easy for parents and kids to access their specific school portal. This can be done by using some high-level navigation.
Teacher sites – It should not be difficult for parents and students to locate their teacher profiles. On the navigation and home pages, a link to teacher pages should be prominently shown.
Of course, there’s a lot more to effective school website design than these four characteristics, but they’re a terrific starting point for creating a new website or evaluating your present one.

The impact of a school’s website design

Your school’s website is the first thing parents and students see and the primary way you communicate with them. Websites are now expected to not only seem professional but also to be well-designed, with a smooth user experience and functionality. Creative school website design Ideas for 2022 – GegoK12. On staff directories, calendar events, and even lunch menus, it should be current. It must be mobile-friendly now more than ever.
Overall, your school’s website serves as an effective hub.

GegoK12, a reputable school website design firm, creates eye-catching designs, especially in private schools. Our talented designers can build graphics that reflect your school’s distinct ideals. You can receive high-performance designs that are both economical and mobile-friendly with our education website design services.
We can design gorgeous designs for your private school, belief school, state school, or kindergarten.

Please contact a member of our team to discover more about our school website design and what we can do for you.