If you have an iPhone, there is a good chance you have trouble putting it down. If you find yourself checking your work email and bank account from bed, your iPhone is probably contributing to a stressful lifestyle. Once you’re in bed with the lights out for the night, why not let your iPhone help you head off into a peaceful slumber instead? These calming apps can help you reach a relaxing state before you close your eyes and head off to sleep.

Gratitude Diary

At first glance, Gratitude Diary seems like a simple app, but it is also a very powerful one. At the end of the day before going to bed, it enables you to jot down the things you are grateful for or happy things that happened to you throughout the day. Focusing on the positive before falling asleep will help you rest better. You can also look over past entries when having a bad day to cheer yourself up. You can set the app to remind you to make entries if you forget.

iZen Garden 2

Everyone knows that Zen gardens are relaxing but most people don’t have the ability to create one in their home. This app gives you a virtual Zen garden in the palm of your hand. Select from realistic looking objects to place in your garden, such as stones and flowers, and then rake the sand with your fingers as you feel your stress melting away. You can customize the sand and save your designs. The app has several relaxing tracks you can play while tending to your garden, from nature sounds to meditation tracks. You can ponder the random quote of wisdom that appears when you open the app as you rake away your troubles.

TuneIn Radio

If you like to listen to the radio before you fall asleep, TuneIn Radio is the way to go. This app offers many advantages over a traditional radio, such as the ability to choose from over 70,000 stations around the world. Whether you like music, sports, or news, you are sure to find something to listen to as you doze off. You can pause or rewind live radio and save your favorite channels. You can also play it in the background while using other apps. There is also the ability to set a sleep timer so you can just close your eyes and not worry about your phone’s battery.

iQuarium HD

The relaxation effects of watching fish swimming in aquarium are well-documented. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a fish tank without any of the hassles of stocking and cleaning it. You can customize the aquarium and create your own fish, but you do need to feed them to keep them happy. You can zone out while watching the air bubbles slowly rise to the surface. Over time, new items become available to make your aquarium more attractive. This is a mindless way to unwind before dozing off.

Distant Shore

This app is ideal if you are looking for something interactive to help you unwind. Distant Shore transports you to a beach, where you can watch seagulls fly overhead and move around as you see fit. Watch your footprints appear in the sand as you walk along the shore. Collect sea shells to earn the ability to send messages in a bottle. You can also reply to messages created by others in the bottles you find washing up on shore. It’s as close as you can get to the beach without actually being there and is the perfect way to clear your mental slate before calling it a night.

If you have trouble winding down, promise yourself you’ll stop working and stressing once you get into bed for the night. Instead, turn to these apps to help you rest better and disconnect for a while.

About the Author: Elena Morgan reports on all things bedding and sleep-related for a company that can be found here. She loves curling up in a bed with chai tea and a good book.