Have you ever wondered who your spouse has been talking to, or what your kids have been up to online? Thanks to technology, mobile apps that you can use to get this and more information are available. Before you start thinking of investing in one for your employee’s, kid’s, or partner’s cell phone, here are the top 10 quick facts you should know about cell phone spyware.

  1. They have many benefits

Phone tracking apps come with a myriad of benefits to both the user and the one monitoring them. However, some of these benefits are more obvious than others. For instance, a cell phone tracking spyware can allow you to monitor the whereabouts of your kids or partners, ensuring their safety and security. You can also monitor your kids’ activities online as well as communication to restrict their access to adult material and unsafe habits as part of parenting. Employers can also use these apps to monitor their employees for better business and service delivery.

  1. They also have some demerits

On the flipside of the coin, it can make matters worse when the phone’s owner discovers that they’re being monitored. They can feel betrayed upon knowing that their privacy has been breached.

  1. Most spy apps require a manual installation

There are many different types of mobile phone spyware apps. Most of them require you to run and install the application package, which means you have to gain physical access to the target phone to be tracked.

  1. Some can be installed remotely

When you’re unable to get access to the target phone, remote spyware can be the most convenient alternative for you. In this case, all you need is instant access and a reliable remote spyware service.

  1. Not all of them are as effective as claimed

Needless to emphasize, this point speaks for itself. Some apps will only give information that is so shallow that you can’t even use to your advantage.

  1. They come in a variety of versions

As iterated earlier phone spy apps are available in a wide variety of options and versions. There are so many different types of apps also depending on what they can achieve, including some that require installation on a PC.

  1. Cell Phone spy apps may vary from OS to OS

It’s a world of advanced technology, so basically, as you can expect, most spyware apps are designed for smartphones rather than feature phones. Just like any other smartphone app, phone monitoring software, their compatibility requirements, and capabilities will vary from OS to OS.

  1. There are legal issues surrounding their use

In most places, it is considered illegal and unethical to monitor another person’s activities and communication without their consent. This is because it is technically sort of a breath of their privacy. Nonetheless, phone monitoring is still permitted in some places such as the US, subject to complying with a certain set of conditions and staying within your legal limits.

  1. The best spyware for you will depend on your needs

When choosing a phone spy app or service, it is important to consider what you want to achieve. Do you simply want to monitor the target phone’s location or do you need access to private information such as SMS, emails, site visits, and social media information? The best mobile spy app for you will depend on your specific needs.

  1. The best apps will cost you

Last but not the least, while free cell phone spy apps are available, most of the best apps will need your investment.

With these facts in mind, all you need is to read more  about the best mobile spy apps for Android and iPhone in 2018.