It is undeniable that the rise of mobile internet has been a gift from the heavens for sports fans. If you’re too young to remember the 80s and 90s, following a sports team from afar was pretty tough. You could hope that they were being shown on TV, or failing that, their matches would be on the radio, but otherwise you would often have to wait until the next day to hear how they had performed. And if you had a meeting, a concert or any other kind of gathering that took you away from the TV and radio? You’d have to sit there, wondering what the score was and whether you’d ever get to see any meaningful action from the game.

Now, of course, we have a TV and radio that we carry around with us, and it is also our phone. It has access to all the information we could possibly need, so for the sports fan, it is no exaggeration to say that your cell phone is one of the most important items in our lives. This is all the more true if you have downloaded the correct apps, as they make it possible to follow sports all the more closely, meaning you’re never out of the loop. Every sports fan’s phone should have the following in its apps folder.

The official app of any relevant sports league

If you’re a football fan, you’ll want to keep up with news from both on and off the field. If you download the app, it will give you the chance to select your preferred team, and will then send you notifications whenever news hits the wires. If your team trades for a new quarterback, you’ll get a news alert. If your team is kicking off in a couple of hours’ time, it will tell you which players are inactive. During the draft, it will let you know when your team has made a pick. Instead of sitting around hitting F5 on your laptop, you can get on with real-life productive stuff, and let your phone do the obsessive refreshing for you.

A scores app

In any sports fan’s life, there are two teams they root for. Their own team, and whoever is playing against their main rivals. As far as possible, we’ll always try to follow our own team closely, watching them on TV, listening to the radio or whatever it takes. During breaks in play, we’ll also become curious as to whether our rivals are getting the comeuppance they so richly deserve. Having a fast-moving scores app means you can click to see how they’re getting on and then return your attention to the team you support. This comes in particularly useful the closer you get to the end of the season, when games can become more pivotal and change all the quicker.

A sports betting app

If you follow a sport closely enough, then placing a few bets can allow you to leverage that knowledge and make a bit of money too. Thanks to app technology, you can place bets wherever you are, on any eventuality, and it takes next to no time. Have at least one sports betting app, and then you can choose when and where to bet. Maybe you’ll need a horse racing bookmaker on there, or crypto fans may prefer to have some options using Dogecoin. Whatever you choose, it’s comforting to know you can make quick bets to benefit from in-game situations.

A sports media app

When the games have been played and the decisions made, it’s always worth reading about how they have gone. Even if you watched the game yourself, a good sports writer can deliver analysis that you may have missed during the blur of the action. The best media services will even condense all of the column inches written about your team across dozens of sites, and deliver the best of them to your phone for you to read at your leisure.